Thursday, September 10, 2015

Kirtland, OH

We just got back from our family vacation to Kirtland, Ohio! This was Tim's first week off during residency. We were excited to get to catch up on some needed family time after a rigorous NICU rotation. When we discussed where we could go on vacation, given our small budget, we decided to go visit Tim's parents who were serving a mission for our church in Kirtland. It wasn't my first choice of exotic vacation destinations but all we needed was a place to relax and be together... PLUS I have wanted to see the Church sites in Kirtland and if there was a time to do it there would never be a better time than when Tim's parents were there! So we made plans and are so glad we did! We had a wonderful visit, had a lot of fun, and loved spending time with Grandma and Grandpa B!

We ended up flying out of Las Vegas, NV because it was way cheaper and they had a direct flight to Cleveland. I'll post our Vegas pics in another post. We spent half a day (Monday) in Vegas and then flew out on Tuesday morning. Ohio is on Eastern time so we had a 3 hour time change...oh my! 

After waking up at 9:30am (thank you AZ time!) on Wednesday we met Kim and Damon at the Johnson Farm (the historic site they are currently assigned to) for a personal tour! The Prophet Joseph Smith lived there for a time and several key revelations were received there. I am always so impressed and filled with the Spirit when I tour church sites. I felt the Spirit so strongly and it was fun having Grandma and Grandpa B give us a tour. 

That afternoon we did a little hiking at the Nelson Ledges and checked out the Amish community that was close by. Then Thursday we went and visited our best friends from medical school in Columbus, OH. Friday we spent the day having fun at the Akron Zoo and riding the Cuyahoga Railroad. (More posts and pictures coming soon)!

Then on Saturday we hit up all the historic sites in Kirtland! If you are interested in more info check out this website
There is a lot to see but it's way smaller than Nauvoo just to compare. Highlights included touring the Newel K. Whitney Store, the Ashery (which Kate really liked), the Morley Farm and tour the Kirtland Temple. The temple is owned by the Community of Christ Church and is not an operating temple so all visitors are welcome to tour. 

I was very impressed with Kirtland! I learned a lot about church history and felt the Spirit so strongly!

The John Johnson Home

Isaac Morley Farm
Kirtland Ashery

Newel K. Whitney Store

The Johnson Inn Resource Center
Kirtland Temple

Airport Goodbye

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