Thursday, September 10, 2015

Columbus with GP & EG

Like I mentioned, we were able to meet up with Tim's best friend from med school, Greg and his wife Elizabeth while we were in Ohio. They are our dearest friends from Iowa and were like an aunt and uncle to our girls. Kate was even their flower girl at their wedding earlier this year. They actually live in Indianapolis but were willing to drive and meet up in Columbus!

We had an amazing day catching up and just enjoying the day together! How we miss them! We met up at this lovely topiary park that boosts recreating the Seurat painting The Sunday Afternoon on the Island of the Grand Jatte which was kind of silly. We enjoyed checking out the German Village, eating delicious food and ice cream, and getting lost in a huge bookstore. It was so fun to just pick up right where we left off and to see the girls (especially Kate) play with and interact with them. Oh Greg and Elizabeth thank you for taking the time to meet up with us! We loved every second and can't wait till we see you again!

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