Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Baby Bahr #3

We are excited to announce Baby Bahr #3 coming March 2016!!!

We waited awhile to tell Kate the big news...we figured as soon as she knew she would tell everyone...and that's been no exception. She typically says something like this, "Do you want to hear our exciting news? My mom is going to have another baby!" It's pretty dang cute! When we first told her she seemed a little confused at very first but then quickly insisted that she wanted another sister. We explained that we didn't know what we were having and that we didn't get to chose. She didn't really like that and has been talking about how much she wants another sisters until today when she informed me that she's changed her mind and actually wants a brother. I'm sure she'll change her mind a million more times until we find out at the end of October. Silly girl. But she's really excited and it will be an adventure for sure!

Millie on the other hand just says "baby? baby?" again and again. As time goes on I know she understand more. That was something I loved about last time around. Kate came with me to all my appt and extra ultrasounds and really seemed to understand and have a connection with Millie well before she ever came. Millie is going to be an amazing big sister! She is such a natural helper and loves taking care of her babies. She loves playing with and taking care of our younger friends here in Phoenix. Although she is also a mama's girl...she will also be in for some rude awakenings when I'm occupied with a newborn. Thank goodness she has many many months to grow up a bit.

Anyway, so I'm 13 weeks and beginning to feel so much better. I have definitely been much more sick than I was with Millie but not as sick as I was with Kate. I've had lots of nausea and plenty of vomiting but the thing that always surprises me is just the shear exhaustion. There was definitely a period of 3 weeks or so that I had to take a nap everyday. Kate has been an angel! She hasn't taken naps for quite some time but always has an hour of quite time each afternoon while Millie naps. Kate is very good at doing quite time and I love hearing the conversations she has while playing in her room. Even though she is normally amazing at playing on her own there are plenty of times that she comes out and needs something or has to ask me a question. But I tell you what during those weeks I really needed a nap she just knew I needed some rest and I got a great nap every afternoon. What a small little tender mercy! I am now feeling so much better. I still get a little nauseous here and there and I'm still tired but it's SO much better. I just feel like the luckiest mom in the world to have these two beautiful girls with another sweet babe on the way! Now we will just have to wait and see if we get another princess or if we'll get to broaden our wings and try out a boy!

We will be happy either way!!  Really! Tim is a bit nervous to have a boy. We've gotten real comfortable with girls and heck ours are so darling but man I also feel like we have to have a boy sometime...every family needs a boy too. I guess we will just have to wait and see.


  1. Your girls are going to fantastic big sisters! So excited for you but can't wrap my head around a Bahr family of FIVE. Wowza. Hayley you are a serious champ for enduring a Phoenix summer with two active little girls all the while bring newly pregnant!! Big high five.

  2. We are grateful you are feeling better, Hay. Oh what mothers go thru to have children! We're excited and happy for you and Tim and the Girls! Kate is such a good big sister and Millie will be too. Congratulations with our love. Wish I could help you everyday so you could rest more, someday I hope.