Wednesday, September 23, 2015

American Girl Doll Store Visit

Arizona got it's first American Girl Doll Store!!! It opened up here in Scottsdale just a week or two ago. I've been dying to go check it out!!! Oh how I love these dolls. They were my childhood. I cherish my beautiful dolls and was excited to take my girls to one of these amazing stores. 

It's kind of the last year or so we have been getting the magazine. Kate has loved cutting out the dolls and have kept them as her paper dolls. She knows all their names and gets super excited when a new catalog comes. I still though wasn't sure how she would react at the store. Millie on the other hand has had no exposure so I figured she wouldn't really care. But boy am I happy to report it was a total hit!!! Like kids in a candy store! And heck I was as giddy as can be! 

Millie particularly liked the mini dolls for the dolls, the PETS of course, and she loved playing with the accessories.  They had this little hot dog/ice cream stand that she played with for at least 20 minutes. Oh she loved rocking the Bitty Babies too. It was darling! Kate loved recognizing each doll and I was proud how many of their names she remembered. Before we arrived she complained that it would only be fun if she got to bring a doll home. I tried to explain that we would most certainly not be buying one today and if she was going to get upset we wouldn't go. I guess that was enough because she was amazing. She ran from display to display pointing and just getting excited. There was no whining at all. Kate particularly loves each girls bed...especially Julie's! She told me later that night that she likes the beds better than the dolls. And now says she wants Julie's bed for Christmas for her pink jelly fish to sleep in! 

We spent about an hour and a half in there admiring all the pretty things and talking about my old dolls that we will get out next time we go to my parents house. Most of the dolls I have though have been retired so Kate won't recognize them. Boy I'm getting old!

We then enjoyed walking around the beautiful outdoor mall in Scottsdale (and the weather was amazing) and tried this awesome gourmet burger place. The burgers we top notch and we shared this Nutella Hazelnut Crunch milkshake that was to die for! I can't wait to go back! 

It was such a great family outing. The American Girl Doll Stores are so much fun! I would have died to have one in Salt Lake growing up. I loved introducing my sweet girls to something that was such a part of my childhood and we will certainly be making semi-frequent visits in the future! What have I done?! I guess my girls were just born to love AG Dolls just like their momma :)

Rocking babies
Kate with Grace, the Girl of the Year

Julie's bed
Millie loved the pets!
Finding all the dolls and accessories that she saw at the store in the catalog while we waited for lunch. 
Scottsdale Quarter is gorgeous! 


  1. I think it is so neat how many things you pass on to your girls. What a special bond that must create!

  2. You certainly loved your American Girl dolls, Hay. No wonder Kate and Millie love these dolls too; like mother, like daughter! How fun that you have a store close by in Scottsdale. I love the cute pictures of your visit to the American Girl Doll Store.