Monday, August 3, 2015

The Beginning and the End...of Med School

I was recently going through some pictures on our hard drive and came across the pictures from Tim's first week of medical school at his White Coat Ceremony- August 2011.

I know we will forever look back at our med school days in Iowa City with fondness. We went through so many struggles but also experienced some of our greatest joys! It is especially fun to compare those beginning pictures to our graduation pictures. Our tiny 2 month old baby Kate grew into a spunky 4 year old girl and our family increased to 4 with Millie's arrival.

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  1. Ah I love these before and after pictures! Kate grew a ton, you and Tim don't look a day older (if anything you look younger!) and Millie just appeared! I remember that white coat ceremony so vividly. Even more so than I remember graduation.