Thursday, August 27, 2015

Amelia Update- August

So I totally got behind...but I decided I''m going to post a quick update even though we are closer to September than August just with a few things that I don't want to forget right now. 

  • LOVES her shadow! I don't remember Kate even realizing her shadow at this age. Seems like Millie just discovered it this week and it is the cutest thing. If I'm carrying her outside she says "add-ow, add-ow" and wiggles her way out of my arms. She loves bending down and touching it and laughs and smiles and gets super concerned when it's behind her and she can't see it. She'll turn around and look so confused. I absolutely love it! 
  • Loves Mickey and Minnie Mouse. You should hear her sing the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Song, it's darling!
  • Favorite books are any of the Biscuit the dog books, any book with Mickey or Minnie Mouse in it and Good Night Moon.
  • Loves playing with whatever Kate is playing with!! But loves pop beads, play food especially our play ice cream cones, books, and animal figurines. 
  • She is definitely our animal lover! She loves watching the birds outside in our backyard and her eyes light up any time we see any animal or hear an animal sound. 
  • Adores swinging- "wee."
  • Has too many stuffed animal friends that have to sleep with her- Minnie Mouse, Kitty Cat Meow, Elmo, Duckie and Raffie the giraffe. When I go into to get her each morning or from nap she insists on on handing me each one individually (including her blankie too) and then proceeds to jump up and down on her mattress like it's a trampoline. Silly girl!
  • Loves her mermaid pool towel and insists on bringing in the car with us often. 
  • Loves going swimming at the pool and playing in the water at the splash pad. 
  • I'm really enjoying the one-on-one time I have with Millie when Kate is at preschool. Every Monday we got to the library for story time together and I love being able to focus on just her! We have fun running errands together and have even enjoyed some alone time playing at home or an occasional treat just the two of us while we are out and about.
  • Thinks it's hilarious to pull her sisters hair and even funnier when she gets a time out. She's a stinker!

Millie and her buddy Talmage at the splash cool!
I love walking in on this sight!
Sleeping in her next at the Children's museum


  1. Oooooh I remember that swimsuit!! Brings back some good memories. Wish I could meet Millie! I can just picture her, though because you do a good job at encapsulating her little personality Hayley! I love the shadow fascination. I bet she has a dang cute shadow.

  2. Millie is such a darling little girl, with personality plus! I'm so glad she is such an animal lover. We love her!

  3. Ha ha! Liv does the same thing with her stuffed animals in the morning! What a cutie Millie is!