Thursday, August 27, 2015

Amelia Update- August

So I totally got behind...but I decided I''m going to post a quick update even though we are closer to September than August just with a few things that I don't want to forget right now. 

  • LOVES her shadow! I don't remember Kate even realizing her shadow at this age. Seems like Millie just discovered it this week and it is the cutest thing. If I'm carrying her outside she says "add-ow, add-ow" and wiggles her way out of my arms. She loves bending down and touching it and laughs and smiles and gets super concerned when it's behind her and she can't see it. She'll turn around and look so confused. I absolutely love it! 
  • Loves Mickey and Minnie Mouse. You should hear her sing the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Song, it's darling!
  • Favorite books are any of the Biscuit the dog books, any book with Mickey or Minnie Mouse in it and Good Night Moon.
  • Loves playing with whatever Kate is playing with!! But loves pop beads, play food especially our play ice cream cones, books, and animal figurines. 
  • She is definitely our animal lover! She loves watching the birds outside in our backyard and her eyes light up any time we see any animal or hear an animal sound. 
  • Adores swinging- "wee."
  • Has too many stuffed animal friends that have to sleep with her- Minnie Mouse, Kitty Cat Meow, Elmo, Duckie and Raffie the giraffe. When I go into to get her each morning or from nap she insists on on handing me each one individually (including her blankie too) and then proceeds to jump up and down on her mattress like it's a trampoline. Silly girl!
  • Loves her mermaid pool towel and insists on bringing in the car with us often. 
  • Loves going swimming at the pool and playing in the water at the splash pad. 
  • I'm really enjoying the one-on-one time I have with Millie when Kate is at preschool. Every Monday we got to the library for story time together and I love being able to focus on just her! We have fun running errands together and have even enjoyed some alone time playing at home or an occasional treat just the two of us while we are out and about.
  • Thinks it's hilarious to pull her sisters hair and even funnier when she gets a time out. She's a stinker!

Millie and her buddy Talmage at the splash cool!
I love walking in on this sight!
Sleeping in her next at the Children's museum

Kate Update- August

Here's a quick update on our Kate:
  • She still unsure about living in Phoenix. Is always asking why we moved to such a hot place and wants to know when it's going to snow?! Poor girl!
  • Enjoys going to preschool once she is there but often says she just wants to stay home and play.  I assume that we are just adjusting to this new routine, right? She really does have fun and enjoys all the activities and art projects that they do. Kate doesn't always want to tell me about school. But with a lot of probing and just listening throughout the day I get it out of her! They do a monthly theme and Kate is tired of learning about the ocean. She is excited for September to come!
  • Favorite toys are Duplo, Magic Clips, pretending to make her own youtube toy videos, and wrapping up her toys in her swaddle blankets and delivering them to us family members. She also is really into playing games. She loves CandyLand, Guess Who, Sneaky Snacky Squirrel, and the Madeline Game we have. I love playing games with her and Minnie. It can be tricky making sure Kate follows all the rules...she really likes and wants to win.. and Kate has a hard time understanding why Millie doesn't seem to know how to play right...but it's so fun!
  • Favorite books: she's really into the Early Reader books. She loves Pinkalicious, any Disney Princess book, and still loves some of her old favorites. 
  • Loves to talk and ask questions. Her preschool teachers love her and always comment what good questions she asks and how she remembers things so well. Like when I picked her up yesterday and she told me all about camouflage. 
  • She has an amazing imagination!
  • Is so good at playing on her own. She does an amazing job playing in her room until her light turns green at 6:30am saying it's okay to come out of her room (she's been getting up around 5:30 the last couple of days and as hard and I try to convince her to go back to sleep she says "no I don't want to sleep, I'll just play till my light turns green."  She also plays so well on her own during quiet time. I almost feel bad but I guess I've just trainer her well and I know the alone playing time is good for her and I love how her imagination runs wild as she talks to her dolls and Magic clip princesses. 
  • Loves to help me in the kitchen (See picture above) She is always asking to help stir, flip, pour, crack eggs, etc. I was making a pie the other day and after letting her make the crust with me I handed her a ball of dough and she created her own chocolate chip pie!
  • Gives the best compliments and hugs and kisses! She really is such a sweet girl. 
  • Her prayers are getting more in depth. And I love it when she mentions me, Tim, and Millie and also how thankful she is to have friends over when we do for dinner.
  • Tim has been rotating in the NICU the last month. He's been busy and we've seen him a lot less than we would like :) Kate is always sad to her that Dad isn't home but happy to hear that he's "taking care of the babies." She often tells me, "I'm so glad Dad is taking care of the babies. He's really good at taking care of the babies!"
  • Has become an even pickier eater especially this week. I don't know what happened. She is even refusing fruits that she used to love like cantaloupe and honeydew. I know that's just kids but it's tough. She still loves pasta, broccoli, cheddar cheese (but not string cheese), yogurt, pancakes, edamame, mosts fruits, toast, smoothies, herb roasted turkey from Costco (but no other sandwich meat) and today eat a ton of scrambled eggs for breakfast which we haven't had in awhile since she quit eating those a month ago. She also recently started liking quesadillas which before a month ago she wouldn't touch. It's all a phase I know... I will just keep offering and it's bound to improve. 
I'm sure there's a lot more I want to say but this is getting long. Kate is sure growing up into a darling little girl! 

Tim's cousin recently moved to Phoenix for her husband to start optometry school. Their apartment pool is amazing complete with zero depth entry and sand!  The girls love it!
Kate totally started drawing a hopscotch...I didn't even know she knew what hopscotch was!
This girl loves playing at the splash pad
Resting in a next as the Children's Museum
Building Inside Out emotions out of Duplo

Monday, August 10, 2015

Preschooler Kate

Today was a big day- Kate started preschool!!! She's going to The Growing Place, an in-home preschool, that a former resident's family recommended and was one of the few preschools I contacted that wasn't $400 a month. Preschool will be Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays from 9-11:30am.  Her teachers, Ms. Whitney and Ms. Cerise, are so sweet and are going to be awesome! 

There is a large part of me that isn't ready to let her go. We are going to miss her so much! And although it is exactly what you want as a parent, it is just plain hard to see your kids grow up. However, there is an even bigger part of me that just couldn't wait for her to get started, to make new friends, to grow and learn, and experience school. After being in Phoenix now for 2-1/2 months, Kate still talks at least weekly about wanting to go back to Iowa and how much she misses her friends. It kills me! I am ready for her to make some good friends and to watch her thrive! 

Kate woke up bouncing off the walls ready for preschool to start. 9am could not come soon enough for this girl! We enjoyed Kate's favorite breakfast, chocolate chip pancakes, to start the day off right. We played a little, got ready, took these pictures, and then jumped in the car anxious for this big day! Kate literally ran to the door and couldn't wait to get inside. She gave me a tight hug, a kiss, and told me she would listen and have fun...and just like that she was off. My heart skipped a few beats and as Millie started to cry as Kate ran off with her new classmates I felt just a tiny twinge of sadness but was mostly just proud of the beautiful, smart, and enthusiastic little lady that she has become! 

Poor Millie did not like having her big sister sidekick missing. As we drove to storytime at the library she kept pointing over at Kate's empty car seat yelling "Kay-te." We did miss Kate but we also had a lot of fun just the two of us. I am excited about this special one-on-one time that I'll have to focus on Millie.

I am happy to report that Kate loved her first day! She ran up to me and told me what a great time she had. Just like with Primary Kate doesn't always want to share all the details of her day and even told me she couldn't tell me since she wasn't with her teachers...but slowly throughout the day has told me bits and pieces about her day. She is most excited about the many art projects and also informed me that she is not interested in bringing home Curious George, the class stuffed animal, because he's a boy. It's going to be a great year! And to celebrate we went to Chick-fil-a for lunch. Kate mentioned that she thought she needed some ice cream and heck I couldn't have agreed more :) 

Happy First Day of Preschool Miss Kate! This is only the beginning...

Happy to see that Kate felt happy about her first day of school
Per Kate's request she got a "pink ice cream with a cherry on top!"

Monday, August 3, 2015

The Beginning and the End...of Med School

I was recently going through some pictures on our hard drive and came across the pictures from Tim's first week of medical school at his White Coat Ceremony- August 2011.

I know we will forever look back at our med school days in Iowa City with fondness. We went through so many struggles but also experienced some of our greatest joys! It is especially fun to compare those beginning pictures to our graduation pictures. Our tiny 2 month old baby Kate grew into a spunky 4 year old girl and our family increased to 4 with Millie's arrival.