Saturday, July 4, 2015

Utah Here We Come

We knew that Tim had Saturday and Sunday off for the 4th of July weekend...but we found out late Sunday that he also got Friday off. So we decided last minute to head home to Utah! I had been hoping to make a trip at the end of July or beginning of August but when we found out Tim had so much time off we jumped at the chance to go. That's the beauty of now living out West and within about 10 hours... we picked Tim up from the hospital at 1:30pm on Thursday and hit the road for those beautiful Utah mountains and our families!

With the time change and a few stops we didn't make it to SLC until about 2am but it was just so fun to be able to jump in the car and drive home! We couldn't do that when we lived in Iowa that's for sure.

Friday we hit the ground running on having fun and playing with cousins! We played with Grandma for a bit and then headed down to Utah county where we met Tim's brother and sister and their families at HobbleCreek Reservoir for some beach time. This trip more than ever before Kate was just in total heaven with all of her cousins (Millie too)!

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