Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Swim Lessons

Kate just finished her first session of swim lessons on her very own! I am so proud of her and so impressed at how great she has done! Oh man you should have seen her one her first was pretty miserable for everyone. Kate hated it. She cried so much. Thankfully Kate has an amazing teacher, Ms. Jessica, who has been amazing! Kate now looks forward to...well she actually still gets nervous and whines before each lesson but she happily jumps out of the car and waltzes right in through the gate. She loves teaching me her skills in our pool and is a monkey across the edge of the pool queen, she loves floating on her back, is really starting to swim, willingly puts her face all the way under the water, and on her 3rd to last day decided she would try going down the slide and now can't get enough!

Chin to the sky

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  1. That is SO great! It's awesome watching your kids overcome hang-ups like getting water in the face. Was this at the pool near your house? Give Kate a high five from us! Now she needs to come show Oakley her new skills.