Monday, July 20, 2015

Silver Lake, Brighton

Oh the beautiful mountains! I miss them SO much! I'd like to think I never took them for granted growing up... it seems like we were always camping, skiing, hiking, or at least just roasting marshmellows up Millcreek Canyon. It is just so refreshing to be up there and I am always time and time again reminded of their beauty and think about how lucky I was to grow up just at their bases. I was so anxious get up there and started out our trip with a favorite little hike around Silver Lake at Brighton Ski Resort. There's actually a boardwalk for about half of it so it makes taking strollers possible. We enjoyed meeting up with my sister-in-law Hana and her 4 boys. 

Not spelled right, but had I capture a pic of my Millie by the Milly lift at Brighton...can't wait till she's skiing on it!

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