Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Millie Update- July

With moving and getting settled in I've gotten so bad at staying up to date on the blog! And I missed one or two monthly updates! Well here's the latest about our Amelia Bedelia! I know I say this every time but I really mean it this time...she is growing up fast!

  • She is talking so much!!! She has so many more words and little phrases. She used to call Minnie Mouse "me-me" but is now calling her "mouse." It kind of breaks my heart. She also loves saying "great" and "yep."
  • Loves to help clean up and wipe stuff up. She even sings the little "clean up" song. She doesn't have the right words but has the tune down. It's totally adorable. She also automatically starts singing it whenever she spills something. 
  • Wants to be with Kate all the time and do everything that Kate does! Millie can always be found calling out "Kay" very loudly. Millie is so thoughtful and always looking out for Kate...whenever I get a snack, water bottle, or something for Mille, Millie will immediately says "Kay?" Millie knows Kate would want whatever she is getting. 
  • Loves to sing. Over the last month has really gotten into singing. She loves to sing "Let It Go"...she belts out "Go" at all the right places. And sings "You Are My Sunshine" and "My Heavenly Father Loves Me" with me every night as I put her to bed. I also loves the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song and whenever it's playing in the car shouts "more, more" when it ends. 
  • Is a snuggle-bug.  Still loves to give eskimo kisses and give good hugs.
  • Definitely has opinions and can get upset, but overall is a very sweet, happy girl.  
  • Love Kitties! And continues to be our animal lover. Acquired two new (my old Beanie Babies) animal friends Duck and Bear. She loves them. Millie LOVES wearing her cat shirt and any of her animal jammies. In fact she can often be found trying to put her kitty cat jammies over her clothes often.
  • Favorite foods: black beans, Cheerios string cheese, strawberries and green beans.
  • Likes to sneak strawberries out of the fridge.
  • Loves Minnie Mouse SO much! Also loves Mickey. Her eyes light up when she sees them. Millie also recently discovered Elmo "Memo!"
  • Beloved by her cousins. Everyone always wants to hold her, be right by her, or hugging her. 
  • Yells "share" whenever she wants something. 
  • When tired sucks her 2 fingers, grabs her blankie, and just lays on the floor. Sweet girl.
  • Loves to play with princess Magic Clips just like her sister. Loves Belle and shouts her name loudly when ever she sees any princess.
There's definitely more I should write but I think that mostly covers the highlights. We sure love our Millie and are thankful for the bright light she is in our lives!

Trying to put on her kitty cat jammies

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