Monday, July 27, 2015

AZ Camping

We were so excited that our ward hosted a ward campout to celebrate Pioneer Day! Kate has been anxiously awaiting the campout for weeks since she heard them announce it at church and talking about making s'mores! We headed up towards Flagstaff after Tim got off work and were able to get our tent up just before the sun set.

We had a really great time! I was so happy it got cold and I had to wear sweatshirt in Arizona! It was really nice to get up in the mountains and see some pine trees.

We had so much fun getting to know more members of our ward and having our first Arizona camping experience! The girls slept great until about 4:30am when Kate woke up cold and came and snuggled into my sleeping bag followed shortly by Millie who I assume heard Kate and didn't want to miss out in the fun. I prefer having Millie sleep in her pack n' play but sure love the pictures I got of the girls sleeping when I woke up first that morning!

Climbing trees and playing with friends


  1. Fun! I can't believe how big Millie is already!!!

  2. pretty sure we have that exact same tent. haha! good ole Costco. Camping is so fun, isn't it? I find myself cursing it in the preparation stage but when we get there I'm always glad I made the effort. Flagstaff is so awesome! Have you been? I want to live there. Grand Canyon is right next door!

  3. Man, this made me want to camp so much! Looks like a lot of fun. How is Millie so old?! She just looks so grown up to me. Glad you are settling into Arizona well.