Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Albion Basin- Alta Ski Resort

Check out those wildflowers! Oh my goodness...I am so glad we made it up to the Albion Basin. It was seriously incredible! It was so fun to meet up with my brother Steve and his family...not to mention he volunteered to carry Millie the whole hike! This was much more of a real hike than our Silver Lake hike and I didn't really know how my girls would do.  Millie did awesome in the backpack. She did like to have me stand right next to Steve and wanted to hold my hand for a lot of the hike but she did awesome and was a happy girl. Kate did great too. My sister-in-law Kristin, Alyssa and Sunny helped keep Kate motivated and happy...not to mention that Kristin had Swedish Fish and Peachie Os in her pocket! It was a beautiful evening full of many of my Utah favorites...mountains, family, and a picnic!

Cousin Love

My flower lover was in heaven...don't worry I only let her pick a few :)


  1. those wildflowers are GORGEOUS! love love love the picture of Kate, from behind, holding hands and walking with her cousin. What a beautiful place. I haven't been to Utah in sooooo long. Now I really want to go!