Thursday, July 23, 2015

6 Years - July 22nd

It's been 6 years since Tim and I became husband and wife! It's hard to believe in some ways but also very apparent in others. We've done a lot...we lived in 4 states, Tim completed 3 degrees (BS, MS, and MD), and Kate and Millie have grown into beautiful, sweet little girls!

The actual day of our anniversary Tim had to be at the hospital and then had his ER shift that evening. I was bummed that I wasn't going to be seeing much of him. But we did get to see him for 30 minutes that morning before he left for work (it was an improvement from last year's 15 minute cupcake visit at the hospital).  BUT...Tim surprised me this year by getting off early and getting to spend an hour with us before he headed to the ER. It meant so much!

Fortunately Kate totally enjoyed sitting down with me and watching our wedding video and couldn't stop talking about wanting to wear my dress when she got married and drawing pictures of dresses the rest of the night. It was so fun to see her excitement and now our video has become part of the weekly rotation!

And Tim and I were also able to go out the next night to a favorite restaurant,  use the 6 year traditional anniversary gift IRONS at the mini golf course, eat ice cream and reminisce over our life these past 6 years!

Some of Kate's dress drawings

Anniversary Date Night

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Love the wedding pictures, you were a stunning bride!