Monday, July 27, 2015

AZ Camping

We were so excited that our ward hosted a ward campout to celebrate Pioneer Day! Kate has been anxiously awaiting the campout for weeks since she heard them announce it at church and talking about making s'mores! We headed up towards Flagstaff after Tim got off work and were able to get our tent up just before the sun set.

We had a really great time! I was so happy it got cold and I had to wear sweatshirt in Arizona! It was really nice to get up in the mountains and see some pine trees.

We had so much fun getting to know more members of our ward and having our first Arizona camping experience! The girls slept great until about 4:30am when Kate woke up cold and came and snuggled into my sleeping bag followed shortly by Millie who I assume heard Kate and didn't want to miss out in the fun. I prefer having Millie sleep in her pack n' play but sure love the pictures I got of the girls sleeping when I woke up first that morning!

Climbing trees and playing with friends

Friday, July 24, 2015

Swing Set

We have a swing set! Yay! In Iowa we literally spent at least an hour a day in our backyard swinging! It was tough to move to AZ and not be able to go out back and swing or go play at the park because it's just too hot. Tim decided he needed/wanted to build a swing set for the girls so we could go out back even just for a few minutes at a time to play.  The girls are in total heaven!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

6 Years - July 22nd

It's been 6 years since Tim and I became husband and wife! It's hard to believe in some ways but also very apparent in others. We've done a lot...we lived in 4 states, Tim completed 3 degrees (BS, MS, and MD), and Kate and Millie have grown into beautiful, sweet little girls!

The actual day of our anniversary Tim had to be at the hospital and then had his ER shift that evening. I was bummed that I wasn't going to be seeing much of him. But we did get to see him for 30 minutes that morning before he left for work (it was an improvement from last year's 15 minute cupcake visit at the hospital).  BUT...Tim surprised me this year by getting off early and getting to spend an hour with us before he headed to the ER. It meant so much!

Fortunately Kate totally enjoyed sitting down with me and watching our wedding video and couldn't stop talking about wanting to wear my dress when she got married and drawing pictures of dresses the rest of the night. It was so fun to see her excitement and now our video has become part of the weekly rotation!

And Tim and I were also able to go out the next night to a favorite restaurant,  use the 6 year traditional anniversary gift IRONS at the mini golf course, eat ice cream and reminisce over our life these past 6 years!

Some of Kate's dress drawings

Anniversary Date Night

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Phoenix Children's Hospital

We finally made it down to visit Tim at the hospital. Kate has loved driving by the hospital when we are out and about and from week one here in Phoenix she's recognized the heart in the hand symbol representing Phoenix Children's Hospital. The huge 11 story main building opened in 2011 so it's gorgeous and new. We enjoyed eating lunch with Tim in the cafeteria, chasing these flower lights that they project on the walls and floors, playing on their shaded playground and running around the lobby. Children's hospitals are just so fun and cheery. This was definitely our first of many many visits for sure.

Check out that palm tree view from the lobby
Gorgeous lobby. The girls loved those little spot lights in the floor that change colors.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Albion Basin- Alta Ski Resort

Check out those wildflowers! Oh my goodness...I am so glad we made it up to the Albion Basin. It was seriously incredible! It was so fun to meet up with my brother Steve and his family...not to mention he volunteered to carry Millie the whole hike! This was much more of a real hike than our Silver Lake hike and I didn't really know how my girls would do.  Millie did awesome in the backpack. She did like to have me stand right next to Steve and wanted to hold my hand for a lot of the hike but she did awesome and was a happy girl. Kate did great too. My sister-in-law Kristin, Alyssa and Sunny helped keep Kate motivated and happy...not to mention that Kristin had Swedish Fish and Peachie Os in her pocket! It was a beautiful evening full of many of my Utah favorites...mountains, family, and a picnic!

Cousin Love

My flower lover was in heaven...don't worry I only let her pick a few :)

Kate Update- July

This girl is growing up to! I am usually so impressed what a good big sister she is and love how she loves to chat with anyone that will listen! I am starting to get really sentimental about her starting preschool. We have less than a month before it starts. She will be going to preschool 3 days a week for 2-1/2 hours. I know she will LOVE it but I'm going to miss her and it is certainly going to change our routine. I am trying to soak up this time! But then again it's not like she's even going every day. It will be fun!

Here's a little update on her:

  • COUSINS!!! This girl adores her cousins! She's always loved her cousins but this trip to Utah it was at a whole new level. The poor girl even started to really cry (not like whine...but really cry) when I told her we would be leaving Utah. I am so glad she loves them so much. It just made it that much harder to leave!
  • Favorite books: any Princess book, old Golden Books at my parents house Mickey's The Best Neighbor Contest and Kitten Sitting and The Gingerbread Man, and she back into the Pinkalicious series. 
  • Favorite foods: pasta, strawberries, and tortillas. 
  • Newly discovered Princess Palace Pets. Have you heard of these? It's another Disney ploy...they've assigned a pet to each princess. Kate loves them. She got to see a few of the mini episodes at my parents house and then got some figures at the Disney Store. Then come to find out the stuffed animal she had gotten at Build A Bear 7 months ago was in fact Berry, Snow White's bunny. LIFE CHANGER at our house!
  • Still only wears nightgowns to sleep in! 
  • Talking about Halloween costumes has only gotten more intense. New ideas include Tiana, Mary Poppins, the Octonauts (she wants to be Tweak), or Fawn (Tinkerbell's friend).
  • Already has quite the long list of wants for Christmas.
  • Moves to play board games!
  • Favorite toys: Magic Clips (especially her Glitter Glider Belle and Mrs. Potts), Duplo, and dress ups. She loves to play Disneyland...where she gets in one of her dress ups and has us stand in line to meet her and take our picture with her.
  • Loves maps! This girl has always loved maps but after going to Sea World and Disneyland she's into it that much more. I'll often find her with all of her maps layed out on her floor as she moves figures from place to place or even just talks about the different attractions. She was thrilled to acquire a few more maps for her collection in Utah. 
  • Newly discovered the Tinkerbell movies...there's like 6 of them. After meeting Tinkerbell's friend Fawn at Disneyland in June she has become quite obsessed. 
  • Loves Disney Dance Wii. My parents have the game. Kate loved playing it on our last trip but we recently discovered you can find the videos on Youtube. Kate loves dancing to the songs and has quite the moves. She especially loves the song "Twist My Hips" and "Calling All the Monsters" from the tween Disney channels shows. She even knows the words to the songs. It's pretty hilarious to watch her bust out her moves and belt out the words. 
  • Kate plays on her own so well. I feel like she's a teenager. I'll go check on her in her room and she'll want to know why I am coming in. I guess I should feel lucky that she likes to play on her own for extended periods of time but I miss her and it just doesn't seem quite right. 
  • New obsession is the movie Inside Out. We actually tried taking her to the movie in Utah but after the initial excitement of going to the movie theatre wore off and she saw a large poster as we were walking in we didn't actually see it. Although Kate enjoys watching clips on youtube and every picture she draws has the different emotions on it, she builds them out of duplo, and we often play the name what emotion I am game where Kate makes the faces of each emotion and we guess. (See the series of pictures below)
  • Favorite color is black. Did I write this down before? It started after we arrived in Phoenix I think. She says now that she is 4 years old her favorite color is black. It was purple when she was 3 and when she turns 5 it will be gold. I think I must be that Purplicious book but the funny thing is we hadn't read that story in months. I guess if it stays black when she's 15 I'll have to worry.
  • I mentioned how hard it was going back to Phoenix. Throughout our trip to Utah Kate would talk about how "she wanted to live somewhere warm, not hot. Phoenix is hot. I want to stay in Utah." My girls both also slept in like crazy while we were in Utah. I know the time change was in my favor but I guess it was also a combination of playing hard and the very dark, cool bedrooms in my parents basement that attributed to it... anyway... Kate must have heard me tell people how great they were sleeping because she told me "if we go back to Phoenix I'll wake up, wake up, wake up."
  • Took her Book of Mormon to church for the first time (7/19/15). Before going to Utah she had been so bummed that she hadn't brought her scriptures the Sunday before she left. She was SO excited that she remembered this week. I didn't realize why she wanted to take it so badly until I realized they have everyone hold up their scriptures during opening exercises. Kate just wanted to be part of it. Cute girl!
  • Still missing her Iowa friends! The other day she asked me, "who's my friend that loves cars?" I replied thinking it was her friend Ryan, nope, was it Camden, nope. To which Kate replied, "I'm forgetting my friends!" It was so sad. Fortunately a minute later she remembered, "IT'S JAMES!"

Here's the first Inside Out series. I'll let you guess who is who...

Here's the second series...

Not sure about this one...her Fear and Sadness are much more pronounced in the first series :)