Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Phoenix Zoo

So we went to the Phoenix Zoo...we might have been a little crazy...seeing that it was 110 degrees but we had free tickets that expired that day and the zoo opens at 7am in the summer so we had to go check it out!

We arrived at 7:30am and saw as much as we could before it really heated up. I had heard about the awesome splash pads so I packed the girls suits and off we went. We hit up the first splash pad as it started to get hot. We got wet, splashed around, cooled off, and then went off to explore more of the zoo. The girls stayed in their suits and about by the time they dried off and we were starting to feel the heat again we had looped around to the other splash pad so we stopped and played again. It was awesome. And so fun to be at the zoo in your swimming suit!

The zoo is awesome! The girls loved seeing the animals and loved splashing around. The carousel was also a hit! We will definitely be going back but we'll wait until it cools off a bit!
My map loving Kate

I LOVE this picture...I feel like it captures our new life in AZ so well!

Petting the goats
They had this whole farm area that was really cute. The girls loved it and it felt like home in Iowa!

Kate loves our is so nice...and was especially helpful today!
Picnic was tricky keeping the ducks and birds away

Kate actually wanted to ride on an animal...this is a big deal..seeing that the last 2 years she has only sat on carousel benches. She hasn't stopped talking about riding that dolphin and keeps asking to go back. Millie of course loved it too!

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  1. Looks likes really really fun day! And really hot! Where'd you get that mister? How far is the zoo from your house?