Sunday, June 14, 2015

Oceanside Sokol Family Reunion

Where do I begin? We just got back from an amazing week in Southern California with my family! It was seriously heaven! We got to spend a whole week with my family in Oceanside, CA!!! We spent most of our time on the beach, went to SeaWorld and Disneyland, picked strawberries in Carlsbad, some went to a Padres game, eat at El Cholo and most importantly just got to be together! Poor Kate just kept saying again and again how she wanted to move there and live by her cousins! 

One of my favorite things is just watching my girls play with her grandparents and cousins! Family is seriously the best! With living in Phoenix, California is a lot closer. Whereas my parents and everyone else left Friday, we didn't have to leave until Saturday. We drove just a little bit out of the way to meet up with everyone at my family's all-time favorite restaurant.  I'll never forget Kate's smile as we walked in and sat down to a table filled with cousins!  

The following days that followed were just filled with fun, laughter, and family time! Kate and Millie adored playing at the beach! They were just so content playing in the sand and happy to be surrounded by cousins! 

I took a million are just a few...

The second we hit the sand that first day Kate stopped and dropped to make a sand angel!
Poor Tim actually was only able to come for the first few days. His orientation started earlier than we anticipated. We soaked up a lot of fun with him before he had to catch a plane back to AZ!

Millie loved carrying the buckets!


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