Thursday, June 18, 2015

Go Diamondbacks!

Let me just start by saying I'm a Dodgers fan! I grew up watching baseball. I love how my family (both my parents/brothers and now my own little family) loves baseball and enjoys going to MLB games wherever we travel.  When we lived in Denver, Tim and I went to a lot of Rockies games. So we became Rockies fans too. And now that we are in Phoenix...I'm going to cheer for the DBacks. Don't worry though, the Dodgers will forever be my team. I am not jumping ship or not staying true...I'm just embracing the team that is close to us :)

Last night Tim's residency took everyone to a DBacks game! We had a great evening out! So Chase Field is awesome! If you didn't has a retractable roof and AC so you can still enjoy going to a baseball game when it's 115 degrees outside. Thank goodness!

We enjoyed the game, got to see a couple home runs, I got to meet Tim's new co-residents (who are super friendly and nice), and the girls loved playing on the playgrounds inside (they enjoyed the game too). Can't wait for the next game!

The view from the kids playground corner
Tim met the organist

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  1. Looks like all four of you had a great time at the Diamondbacks baseball game. You have so many fun things to do in Phoenix, even in the heat.