Saturday, June 27, 2015

Dr. Bahr, MD - Intern Year

After two full weeks of orientation...Tim's residency actually started on Tuesday June 23, 2015! Check out that awesome name tag he's wearing!

Tim actually started on an easy rotation. I think Tim was bummed to not be jumping right in but I can appreciate having him around a bit more as we ease into this. Since graduation in May we've gotten pretty used to having him around! So we are going to soak up this easy rotation and enjoy our time with him...because before we know it he'll be gone :)

Walking into the hospital

But with being on this easy rotation Tim gets to take night call in the ER about every 4th day. Tim is stoked about this. The first night we was on call as a resident (6/25/15) the girls and I celebrated...well not celebrated that he was gone...but wanted to do something fun since Daddy wasn't home so we had a Girls Movie Night complete with glow sticks (Thanks Grandma B) and popcorn. I guess we better get used to this...

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  1. Way to go TIM!! You guys are going to be a great intern family. especially if you make those long-hour days fun and "celebratory." I need to work on that. :)