Saturday, June 27, 2015

Dr. Bahr, MD - Intern Year

After two full weeks of orientation...Tim's residency actually started on Tuesday June 23, 2015! Check out that awesome name tag he's wearing!

Tim actually started on an easy rotation. I think Tim was bummed to not be jumping right in but I can appreciate having him around a bit more as we ease into this. Since graduation in May we've gotten pretty used to having him around! So we are going to soak up this easy rotation and enjoy our time with him...because before we know it he'll be gone :)

Walking into the hospital

But with being on this easy rotation Tim gets to take night call in the ER about every 4th day. Tim is stoked about this. The first night we was on call as a resident (6/25/15) the girls and I celebrated...well not celebrated that he was gone...but wanted to do something fun since Daddy wasn't home so we had a Girls Movie Night complete with glow sticks (Thanks Grandma B) and popcorn. I guess we better get used to this...

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Tot Town

Oh how we loved our tot lot in Iowa! It was one of our refuges during the frigid winters. You can imagine my delight when a girl in our new ward here in Phoenix told me about one of the local community churches that did "Tot Town." It's just like our old tot lot...well a little different but the same idea. You should have seen Kate's excitement when I told her that Phoenix had a tot lot. Unfortunately the first time we tried to go I got the day messed up of when it was open...poor Kate was SO sad. Fortunately though the next week was totally awesome! The girls were both in total heaven! I'm so thankful for this place and can't wait to go back!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Phoenix Zoo

So we went to the Phoenix Zoo...we might have been a little crazy...seeing that it was 110 degrees but we had free tickets that expired that day and the zoo opens at 7am in the summer so we had to go check it out!

We arrived at 7:30am and saw as much as we could before it really heated up. I had heard about the awesome splash pads so I packed the girls suits and off we went. We hit up the first splash pad as it started to get hot. We got wet, splashed around, cooled off, and then went off to explore more of the zoo. The girls stayed in their suits and about by the time they dried off and we were starting to feel the heat again we had looped around to the other splash pad so we stopped and played again. It was awesome. And so fun to be at the zoo in your swimming suit!

The zoo is awesome! The girls loved seeing the animals and loved splashing around. The carousel was also a hit! We will definitely be going back but we'll wait until it cools off a bit!
My map loving Kate

I LOVE this picture...I feel like it captures our new life in AZ so well!

Petting the goats
They had this whole farm area that was really cute. The girls loved it and it felt like home in Iowa!

Kate loves our is so nice...and was especially helpful today!
Picnic was tricky keeping the ducks and birds away

Kate actually wanted to ride on an animal...this is a big deal..seeing that the last 2 years she has only sat on carousel benches. She hasn't stopped talking about riding that dolphin and keeps asking to go back. Millie of course loved it too!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Millie's First Pony

A momentous occasions... Millie's first pony spike- June 22, 2015! I can't believe we waited so long...well I can...this girl's hair grows slow. But she finally had enough and boy does she look darling!  I think she likes it...and Kate does too. It's pretty cute.

Father's Day 2015

Happy Father's Day to the best husband and father for us! 

We had an awesome weekend together celebrating our main man! Tim actually had the Friday before we kicked off the weekend of celebrating with lunch at In-n-Out and playing at the Children's Museum. Friday evening Tim and I went on a date to this awesome BBQ restaurant and enjoyed an evening out with some of his fellow interns. It was a great night. Saturday was a total family day spent swimming, napping, and then going to PCH (Phoenix Children's Hospital (the children's hospital Tim is doing his residency at)) Intern Welcome BBQ. And then Sunday we showered Tim with sweet cards, pictures, and an afternoon nap. And then that evening our Iowa friends (who now live in Mesa), the Neiswender's, had us over for dinner. 

It was a really wonderful weekend spent together. It wasn't grand but it was perfect for our family! Tim is definitely my better half! He works so hard for our family and even though he is busy and tired he always makes time for me and the girls. I am sure thankful to have him for my husband and the father to our two beautiful daughters! 
Father's Day blueberry muffin breakfast in bed. The paper ties were cute...inside has questions that I asked the girls and I wrote their responses. Kate helped with Millie's :)
Kate's portrait of Tim...she did an awesome job, don't you think?! And check out the next's Tim's bow tie :)

Kate filled out this card at church

The girls made these at the Children's Museum

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Go Diamondbacks!

Let me just start by saying I'm a Dodgers fan! I grew up watching baseball. I love how my family (both my parents/brothers and now my own little family) loves baseball and enjoys going to MLB games wherever we travel.  When we lived in Denver, Tim and I went to a lot of Rockies games. So we became Rockies fans too. And now that we are in Phoenix...I'm going to cheer for the DBacks. Don't worry though, the Dodgers will forever be my team. I am not jumping ship or not staying true...I'm just embracing the team that is close to us :)

Last night Tim's residency took everyone to a DBacks game! We had a great evening out! So Chase Field is awesome! If you didn't has a retractable roof and AC so you can still enjoy going to a baseball game when it's 115 degrees outside. Thank goodness!

We enjoyed the game, got to see a couple home runs, I got to meet Tim's new co-residents (who are super friendly and nice), and the girls loved playing on the playgrounds inside (they enjoyed the game too). Can't wait for the next game!

The view from the kids playground corner
Tim met the organist

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Fryin' in Phoenix

Well if this pictures doesn't explain the new title to our blog, I'm not sure what will! I took this screen shot as we drove to the baseball game last night. We are certainly fryin' here! Fortunately though with our pool close by and an AC that works fantastic it hasn't been that bad! I mean we can't go the park for hours at a time like we are used to but we are adjusting to the heat and how it effects our activities and I'm working on finding fun indoor activities for the girls and exploring new splash pads! Right now it's a bit of an adjustment but come November I'm sure we love it! And we won't miss those subzero midwest winters!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Strawberry Fields Forever...

Our last full day we decided to head to Carlsbad to pick strawberries! None of us had done it before. I knew my girls loved picking apples at our orchard in Iowa City but I would never have guessed we would have so much fun! The kids were really into it and we had a delightful time!

Millie especially loved it...they told us we were supposed to eat as we picked...but tell are you supposed to stop a 20 month old? Millie went at it and there was no hiding the evidence. That girl had red dripping from her lips and all over her shirt in a matter of minutes. Silly girl!

A huge thank you to my parents for making this trip possible! We had such a fantastic time and being together was just so wonderful. We will certainly always remember the fun we had together! We miss you already!

(Oh and Kate insisted on wearing her watermelon dress...because it was red and green just like strawberries!)

Here's a few other random cute cousins pictures from the trip...