Friday, May 29, 2015

Tim's Golden Birthday

Happy Golden Birthday Timmy! With all the unpacking and getting settled I was determined to still try and make Tim's birthday special. It was his golden birthday after all. We made some fun plans including going to lunch at legit top-rated Mexican restaurant and invited some of our dear friends from Iowa, the Neiswender's, that now live in Mesa to come over for dinner and cake!

As it would turn out Thursday night at about 10pm I realized that my ice cream layer for Tim's annual ice cream cake was not freezing. We spent the next hour trying to call a repair person and locating dry ice so all my food from Costco that I had just purchased didn't spoil. Friday the repairman came telling us that we needed a new refrigerator. Fortunately our landlord was on top of things and got us a new fridge as fast as possible but man...being without a working fridge is a major problem. We still had plenty of food that had to be replaced and it unfortunately became the focus/task of the day but we were also still able to have a pretty great day celebrating. Tim got some sweet gifts and reuniting with our friends was so much fun! It was fun to catch up with them and reunite Kate with her buddy Cole! And I am proud to report that the ice cream turned out perfect and I was still able to host birthday dinner at our place!

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  1. I didn't know the Neiswenders were in az! How fun for all of you!