Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Timothy Bahr, MD

It's been a very busy 2 weeks... Greg and Elizabeth's wedding, Mother's Day, Kate's Birthday, family coming to visit, packing and getting ready to move and most notable Tim's graduation from medical school!!!

We've been dreaming and talking about this day for so's kind of hard to believe it's over. Tim's parents flew in on Thursday along with Tim's sister, Ann, who left her 2 kids in Utah with her husband so she could come support and surprise Tim! We had fun showing them a little bit of Iowa City and attending the various graduation events.

What an exciting day for our family! I am so proud of Tim! Medical school has meant a lot of work, stress, worry, early morning, late nights, long hours, call, no sleep...I could go on and on... for this guy. We've actually all had to make sacrifices! But it is worth it and now Tim's a doctor! We've done it as a team, as a family, together! It hasn't always been easy but when you work hard dreams really do come true! It was definitely a day to celebrate!

Congratulation Dr. Bahr! I guess it's time to set some new goals and get some new dreams! Residency here we come!

Greg, Tim's best friend in med school

Tim's other best classmate Sam
Earlier this week at Tim's Research Distinction Track Dinner
Out for a walk with Ann and G&G B 
It wouldn't be IC without Herky!!
Saying goodbye to our next door neighbors Tim, Nichole and Wyatt. Tim was a classmate of my Tim

Enjoying Kent Park for the last time


  1. Congrats to you all! What an accomplishment! Iowa will be sad to see you go. Kate looks like the perfect flower girl. Wish I could have seen her taking over the dance floor. Hilarious! And that birthday party was adorable! We miss you!

  2. Such a big day!! I love all these pictures. You look so pretty Hayley! Since when did you have a med student living right next door? And I dodn't know Tim did a distinction tract. I'm even more impressed now.

  3. Fun pictures!!! What an amazing and memorable day for your sweet family! YOU GUYS DID IT!!!!

  4. Congratulations and best wishes with our love. We are so proud of you, Tim and Hayley. This dream has come true. Time for new dreams.