Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Pella, IA

Even though it made for lots of driving we decided after going to visit my grandparents' graves we would go to Pella, Iowa. We've been meaning to go to their Tulip Time Festival every year but had just never made it. A few weeks ago I realized that we were once again not going to be able to make it. When it worked out that we would be kind of heading that direction to go to Collins we decided we'd go the week before the festival. I mean heck the tulips would be up, right?

Boy are we glad we went! Pella is a charming town. It was settled by Dutch immigrants in 1847. Turns out a lot of people go the week's a lot less busy, the tulips are typically better, they still had some group dressed in Dutch clothing and dancing (which Kate totally loved) and the line at Jaarsma's Bakery is A LOT shorter.

The tulips did not disappoint, the girls loved the giant wooden clogs and dancing, and we gobbled up our delicious $12 worth of pastries! So glad we finally made it!

The Dutch Letters were AMAZING!!

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  1. So many pretty tulips and such cute little girls! Looks like this was a terrific family outing!