Friday, May 22, 2015

Kate's Recital

To say that Kate loved dance would be an understatement! This little girl looked forward to Thursdays every week and didn't look back when she walked into class. It has been so fun to watch her progress and enjoy ballet! Ms. Jamie of Bitty Ballerinas was an awesome teacher! Kate loved her and she did an amazing job teaching the girls. I am so impressed how well she could get 8 little girls to stand in a straight line and wait their turn. Impressive! Kate learned so much and has already been asking who her teacher will be in Phoenix. Guess I better get started looking for a new teacher.

Kate couldn't wait to get on stage. She was very disappointed to learn that her dress rehearsal was in her regular studio at the rec center. When she finally made it to the performing arts center stage she was so giddy!

Kate did an amazing job! She really has learned a lot and is the cutest ballerina! The recital was called "In the Garden." The 3-4 year olds were bumble bees as you can tell! It was a darling little production. Hard to believe this was Kate's first recital...first of many I am sure!

With Ms. Jamie
Greg and Elizabeth came! They are the best friends ever! I mean really!

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