Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Kate's Peter Pan Party

Kate has been planning her party for months! I know I've mentioned what a planner she is and it is totally true. Beginning in February Kate started talking about what kind of party she was going to have. I thought for sure we would end up with a princess themed party but pretty much from the get go she had decided it would be Peter Pan. I was totally thrilled... we'll have those princess parties soon enough I am sure!

Kate woke up a 4 year old and was so excited to show us how old she was (see pic below)!

After the initial disappointment of not getting her legos and pogo stick that she had requested...she loved sitting at her new table and was ecstatic about the Playdough that Millie had gotten her! (Don't worry though she got her legos from Grandma and Grandpa S later).

After presents and breakfast we got the party setting up started. Kate had 8 of her closest friends over at 10:30am for an awesome Peter Pan adventure! We decided since Tim was home that we would have the parents drop off their was a little crazy when it came time for lunch but Kate and her friends loved it!

Each guest got a pair of Tinkerbell wings or a Peter Pan hat when they arrived. We did Peter Pan coloring pages while we waited for everyone to arrive.

After coloring I read everyone the Peter Pan book and we headed outside for our various Pirate/Pan activities. It was a bit chiller than we anticipated but it warmed up and turned out to be a perfect day. Our activities included: an indian tug-o-war, Hide and Seek with Walking the Plank, Bean Bag Tick-toc Croc Toss, Sword Balloon fight. The kids had so much fun and we're really into all the activities!

We then headed back in for a yummy lunch including these cute jello cups, Pirate booty, and cannon balls (olives). We sang Happy Birthday and then Kate's little friends spoiled her rotten. It was such a fun party! I think everyone had a great time and it was a fun last hurrah with friends before the big move!

Happy Birthday dear Kate!

We ran out of time to to our Treasure Hunt but here's a pic of the Pirate Treasure.

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  1. Hi Hayley! I'm turning 33 next year, and since you'll be on the west coast, I thought you and Kate could plan and host my party! I hope I've given you plenty of notice. Just send me the details!