Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Kate- 4 years old

It is so crazy to think that this lady was only 3 months old when medical school started and now the week of graduation is turning 4 years old! She is a real physical manifestation of our time in Iowa and in med school!

Hmm...I feel like there is so much I could say.... She is really the sweetest girl. She certainly tests my patience but at the end of the day I marvel at what an incredible little girl she is growing up to be. She is spunky, sweet, and stubborn all at the same time. She loves to dance, sing, and create! She is usually an awesome big sister and always wants to help!

I worry about how she will transition to our big move. I mean I am still best friends with my friends that I had when I was her age. Kate has had many friends move away. In fact she asks about them on a weekly basis. But this time we are the ones moving. We've always still had her other friends to play with. This time it will be different. I worry but I also remember that everybody loves Kate's sparkly personality and I deep down know she won't have any problem making friends.

Here is a little update about our favorite 4 year old:

  • She is really growing up! She's more like a little girl than a toddler. She is listening so well and most of the time will come when I ask her to on the first try. I've especially noticed this when I tell her it is time to come inside after we've been swinging. 
  • Like I mentioned she is a great helper! She is always asking what she can do to help. I really appreciate her enthusiasm and even though often it takes twice as long to do things with her help...I gladly let her! She is becoming quite the little chef too which I just love! OH and I need to mention is somewhere... Kate has been in charge of clearing her plate after meals. She does a great job. Just like most things Millie wants to be just like Kate. For the first time (5/16/15) Millie held her arms up after I got her down...I thought she was trying to grab more food and was a little frustrated because she had not really wanted to eat...turns out Millie just grabbed her little plate and toddled over to the counter and was trying to clear her place too. It was seriously the cutest thing ever!
  • Back to Kate...see the wedding post...was the most awesome flower girl EVER! I'm not so sure she will ever get the chance again. It was such a special thing and Kate will remember it forever I am sure. 
  • Loves playdough and Duplo. And also recently has really gotten into playing with her Barbies. 
  • She finished her little joy school/preschool we've done with her 4 little friends. It has been so much fun doing this. I will really miss teaching and miss Kate coming home and talking about what she learned. She will be starting real preschool 3 days a week down in Phoenix in August.
  • She's still the party planning extraordinaire! She's always got the best plans. And her Peter Pan birthday party did not disappoint!
  • These plans also become quite developed and we doesn't forget. She went from talking about how her friend had a van with a DVD player, to wanting one, to then telling our neighbors that we were in fact getting one when we moved. 
  • Loves going to the library like she always has...she loves getting books but has also always loved getting DVDs. It is so funny to me how she discovers new animated series that become her "favorite today" through her video selections. Recently discovered Bubble Gubbies, Barbie-Princess to Popstar, and Strawberry Shortcake. Oh my!
  • Wrote her name for the first time 5/5/15! See pic below!
  • Still insists on wearing a nightgown to bed! Fortunately she got a new Elsa one for her birthday from Grandma and Grandpa. See below too!

Kate's been writing letters for a long time but for some reason hasn't wanted to string them together to write her name...to my surprise when I picked her up from preschool 5/5/15 she had decided it was time! The K needs a little work but I'm counting it as the first time she wrote her name :)

I just love the smile I captured...not to mention the sweet pic of Tim snoozing on the couch!


  1. Kate is quite the girl! She will be fine making new friends in Phoenix, Hay. Thank you for posting these cute pictures of our darling, sweet four year old girl!

  2. I love that last picture of her. Such a natural smile, I can never capture that with tatum. She sure is growing up!

  3. Kate will have NO TROUBLE making new friends. You'll see! Don't stress about it. Kids her age adjust so easily. Plus she'll always have her best friend Millie to play with. Good luck with the move! I've been thinking about you guys.