Sunday, May 10, 2015

Greg and Elizabeth's Wedding...Kate's Night of Fame

So we have these awesome friends named Greg and Elizabeth! They are some of our dearest friends from Iowa City and have truly been our Iowa "family!" Greg is one of Tim's classmates whose relationship just began to flourish and before we knew it G&E along with Tim's classmates Sam and Michael were always over to share a meal, meet up for froyo, play Settlers, babysit, or go out and have fun . They seriously been our closest friends and have been like an uncle and aunt to our girls. We are so sad to be parting ways as we head West to AZ and they head East to Indiana.

So...Greg and Elizabeth got married yesterday! We had the privilege of being apart of their big day! Kate was a flower girl and Tim helped officiate so we got to be part of all the wedding festivities! It was a weekend to remember! It was up at Sutliff Cider and it was a perfect spot for an Iowa wedding! And Kate stole the show (sorry G&E)!

Kate did an incredible job as one of the flower girls! Kate's been looking forward to and talking about being the flower girl for a LONG time! I am sure she will remember her role and that day forever! The day off she also couldn't stop talking about dancing after the ceremony. Kate took her job very seriously and when it came to throwing her petals she was extra thorough setting each individual petal in a perfectly straight line. The other little flower girl took off quick down the aisle but Kate was very methodical and even went back to straighten one that wasn't in line. Kate did such a thorough job she actually began to hold up the bride! Silly girl!

After a beautiful ceremony...oh I should mention that Tim did an awesome job too! And the girls were so good during it! After the ceremony, we enjoyed visiting with Tim's classmates and other guests, enjoyed some yummy fancy appetizers plus Chick-fil-a nuggets which the girls were thrilled about! And after the dinner it was finally time to dance! Kate staked out her place right in the middle of it all and enjoyed dancing with any willing taker. We originally had planned that after a dance or two I would take the girls home to get them into bed but after watching Kate become Queen of the Dance Floor we couldn't peel her away. Tim and Kate danced their hearts out while me and Millie headed home.

Thank you Greg and Elizabeth for including us in your special weekend! Here are a few of the pictures we took. I can't wait to see the professional pictures of Kate with G&E!

At the rehearsal...Kate made them these necklace and tie. She came up with the idea and totally did it on her own. Greg and Elizabeth immediately put them on!

Cutest flower girl!

Kate and Harper, the two flower girls

Queen of the Dance Floor

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