Monday, May 25, 2015

Farewell 3rd Ave

I already wrote about many of my feelings about starting the next chapter of our life and leaving Iowa. We are excited about what the future holds and we are ready for Tim to take this next big step in his medical training. But moving and starting over isn't easy. As we approached our last week in our little old house I became more and more sentimental. Tim had the week off which was wonderful so we could finish packing, enjoy some of our Iowa City favorites, and say farewell to our amazing friends! We squeezed in a lot of fun and soaked up that Midwest spirit and beauty!

As we started trying to figure out how we were be getting to Phoenix there were so many possibilities. But when I found out that I could get the Allegiant direct flight from Cedar Rapids to Mesa for only $80 it was a no brainer that me and the girls would be flying! My Dad flew in Wednesday and helped Tim drive the truck 30 hours (it's supposed to only be 23 hours...but when you have a large moving truck and it's pulling a car...). The girls and I stayed behind to finish things up. Our sweet friends, the Hayes, lent us one of their cars so we wouldn't just be stuck and home cleaning the whole time. The girls and I flew out on Saturday and Tim and my dad were there to pick us up. And the EQ from our new ward here in Phoenix had already come over and helped uppack the truck. 

Enjoying Heyn's Ice Cream with dear friends
Last Sunday with some of Kate's friends
One last BBQ with some of our "Iowa Family" Notice Kate giving Ry Ry a big hug or kiss!
Dancing in the moving truck...prior to it being filled entirely
Puzzle piecing the last items
My sweet friend Melissa
The Hayes family stayed till the better end as we fit the last pieces into the truck
We were sure thankful for my Dad! Although he was only in Iowa for less than 24 hours the girls loved playing with him and it was so sweet to be with him!

Our set up...16 ft truck pulling a car trailer. We originally thought we would have space for the bikes in the truck...nope!
And we realized last minute that we forgot to pack the wagon...there was no space left to put it so it got attached to the trailer. And good news, it arrived perfectly safe and it perfect condition!
Last museum day. ICM has been such a part of our life in IC.
Enjoying some Whitey's before we left town too
Empty house

As I frantically did the finishing touches on cleaning the house and packing before we headed to the airport I was so touched as Kate picked me a peony from our bushes. I had been crossing my fingers that they would bloom before we had to leave and they did It was really like Iowa's perfect farewell to me!
And we had to get one last swing in... So many hours spent right here! So many memories!

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  1. Reading this is making me miss Iowa! We are so excited for you guys and your new chapter. We know you will love Arizona and the people there will love you, but you will sure be missed. Way to go Hayes! How nice of them to help out so much!