Thursday, May 7, 2015

Amelia Update- May 2015

This little girl is growing up! Here's a jumbled little update about what's been going on with our Amelia:

  • She weaned on May 1st. I've been kind of sad but then have to remember she is 19 months old!!!
  • She's talking just that much more and really well.  I love how she will point to her water bottle in my diaper bag and say "bottle, more, more." I also love hearing her say "peek-a-boo." She also mimics counting. It's really cute. She'll be putting legos back in a tote or stacking blocks and say "one, took, free."
  • Adores bubbles! See video below! We have a fun bubble gun that Millie loves doing herself. I love how she says "bubble!"
  • Still adores animals! And is always fascinated by the squirrels running up our front tree. Her favorite books have animals in them and she loves making animal sounds. 
  • Starting to show a spicy personality! 
  • When she doesn't like something or doesn't want to leave she let's you know!
  • She still cries really hard when I leave her but she recovers in about 30 seconds to a minute!
  • Her bottom two canines poked through. 
  • Millie's been getting up a little bit before Kate...every morning she first runs to Kate's door saying "Tee-tee-tee." She knocks and is sad when I tell her that Kate is still sleeping. Millie then runs to the kitchen, grabs a bowl, and says "more, more, more." She expected some Cheerios and asks for a drink. 
  • Favorite toy: her Klip Klop horses! She loves them! She plays with them every morning. I have them in this little bag that hang on this little hook in her room. She can't quite reach it but tries so hard to get them down. She loves trying to put the ramps together and loves having them klip klop down. 
  • Runs to the backyard to go "we" ie swing any chance she gets. I can't let her down when we are going out to get in the car to do errands without having to chase her to the back fence where she is hanging on trying to push it open. 
  • Still adores swinging!! We seriously spend at least an hour swinging everyday. Gosh we will miss our beautiful Iowa backyard! Millie thinks she is a big girl and wants to swing on our regular swing. She still mostly swings in the bucket swing but really likes the big swing and loves the tire swing too.

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  1. Millie is such a cute little girl! I love the way she loves bubbles, what a darling video. Can't wait to see all of you.