Friday, May 29, 2015

Tim's Golden Birthday

Happy Golden Birthday Timmy! With all the unpacking and getting settled I was determined to still try and make Tim's birthday special. It was his golden birthday after all. We made some fun plans including going to lunch at legit top-rated Mexican restaurant and invited some of our dear friends from Iowa, the Neiswender's, that now live in Mesa to come over for dinner and cake!

As it would turn out Thursday night at about 10pm I realized that my ice cream layer for Tim's annual ice cream cake was not freezing. We spent the next hour trying to call a repair person and locating dry ice so all my food from Costco that I had just purchased didn't spoil. Friday the repairman came telling us that we needed a new refrigerator. Fortunately our landlord was on top of things and got us a new fridge as fast as possible but man...being without a working fridge is a major problem. We still had plenty of food that had to be replaced and it unfortunately became the focus/task of the day but we were also still able to have a pretty great day celebrating. Tim got some sweet gifts and reuniting with our friends was so much fun! It was fun to catch up with them and reunite Kate with her buddy Cole! And I am proud to report that the ice cream turned out perfect and I was still able to host birthday dinner at our place!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Our New Home

We made it to Phoenix! I can't quite believe this in our new home! You plan and talk about moving, packing, and all that for so long when it finally happens it's just crazy. Our flight went off without a hitch pretty much and before I knew it we were pulling into the driveway of our new home! 

I am thrilled to say I LOVE it!!! It is so great! It's a 3 bedroom house plus loft/play room with 2-1/2 bathrooms. All the bedrooms are upstairs as well as the playroom. It's really nice and newish and clean with a great patio. And a community pool!  It took Kate about 2 minutes to find her dresser, tear off the wrap that was holding the drawers in and pull out her swimsuit. Let's just say she's been talking about our swimming pool for a long time! Tim immediately took the girls to the pool while I checked out the house for a few more minutes and we started our daily visits to the pool right then and there!

Phoenix we are excited to be here! Thankfully we have 2 weeks before Tim starts orientation! We are going to be busy unpacking and getting settled in!

Fortunately we had another little over 24 hours with my Dad! We did a bunch of unpacking but also enjoyed a little bit of fun! We are certainly lucky to have such amazing support from our parents!

Saying goodbye to Grandpa

Farewell 3rd Ave

I already wrote about many of my feelings about starting the next chapter of our life and leaving Iowa. We are excited about what the future holds and we are ready for Tim to take this next big step in his medical training. But moving and starting over isn't easy. As we approached our last week in our little old house I became more and more sentimental. Tim had the week off which was wonderful so we could finish packing, enjoy some of our Iowa City favorites, and say farewell to our amazing friends! We squeezed in a lot of fun and soaked up that Midwest spirit and beauty!

As we started trying to figure out how we were be getting to Phoenix there were so many possibilities. But when I found out that I could get the Allegiant direct flight from Cedar Rapids to Mesa for only $80 it was a no brainer that me and the girls would be flying! My Dad flew in Wednesday and helped Tim drive the truck 30 hours (it's supposed to only be 23 hours...but when you have a large moving truck and it's pulling a car...). The girls and I stayed behind to finish things up. Our sweet friends, the Hayes, lent us one of their cars so we wouldn't just be stuck and home cleaning the whole time. The girls and I flew out on Saturday and Tim and my dad were there to pick us up. And the EQ from our new ward here in Phoenix had already come over and helped uppack the truck. 

Enjoying Heyn's Ice Cream with dear friends
Last Sunday with some of Kate's friends
One last BBQ with some of our "Iowa Family" Notice Kate giving Ry Ry a big hug or kiss!
Dancing in the moving truck...prior to it being filled entirely
Puzzle piecing the last items
My sweet friend Melissa
The Hayes family stayed till the better end as we fit the last pieces into the truck
We were sure thankful for my Dad! Although he was only in Iowa for less than 24 hours the girls loved playing with him and it was so sweet to be with him!

Our set up...16 ft truck pulling a car trailer. We originally thought we would have space for the bikes in the truck...nope!
And we realized last minute that we forgot to pack the wagon...there was no space left to put it so it got attached to the trailer. And good news, it arrived perfectly safe and it perfect condition!
Last museum day. ICM has been such a part of our life in IC.
Enjoying some Whitey's before we left town too
Empty house

As I frantically did the finishing touches on cleaning the house and packing before we headed to the airport I was so touched as Kate picked me a peony from our bushes. I had been crossing my fingers that they would bloom before we had to leave and they did It was really like Iowa's perfect farewell to me!
And we had to get one last swing in... So many hours spent right here! So many memories!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Kate's Recital

To say that Kate loved dance would be an understatement! This little girl looked forward to Thursdays every week and didn't look back when she walked into class. It has been so fun to watch her progress and enjoy ballet! Ms. Jamie of Bitty Ballerinas was an awesome teacher! Kate loved her and she did an amazing job teaching the girls. I am so impressed how well she could get 8 little girls to stand in a straight line and wait their turn. Impressive! Kate learned so much and has already been asking who her teacher will be in Phoenix. Guess I better get started looking for a new teacher.

Kate couldn't wait to get on stage. She was very disappointed to learn that her dress rehearsal was in her regular studio at the rec center. When she finally made it to the performing arts center stage she was so giddy!

Kate did an amazing job! She really has learned a lot and is the cutest ballerina! The recital was called "In the Garden." The 3-4 year olds were bumble bees as you can tell! It was a darling little production. Hard to believe this was Kate's first recital...first of many I am sure!

With Ms. Jamie
Greg and Elizabeth came! They are the best friends ever! I mean really!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Timothy Bahr, MD

It's been a very busy 2 weeks... Greg and Elizabeth's wedding, Mother's Day, Kate's Birthday, family coming to visit, packing and getting ready to move and most notable Tim's graduation from medical school!!!

We've been dreaming and talking about this day for so's kind of hard to believe it's over. Tim's parents flew in on Thursday along with Tim's sister, Ann, who left her 2 kids in Utah with her husband so she could come support and surprise Tim! We had fun showing them a little bit of Iowa City and attending the various graduation events.

What an exciting day for our family! I am so proud of Tim! Medical school has meant a lot of work, stress, worry, early morning, late nights, long hours, call, no sleep...I could go on and on... for this guy. We've actually all had to make sacrifices! But it is worth it and now Tim's a doctor! We've done it as a team, as a family, together! It hasn't always been easy but when you work hard dreams really do come true! It was definitely a day to celebrate!

Congratulation Dr. Bahr! I guess it's time to set some new goals and get some new dreams! Residency here we come!

Greg, Tim's best friend in med school

Tim's other best classmate Sam
Earlier this week at Tim's Research Distinction Track Dinner
Out for a walk with Ann and G&G B 
It wouldn't be IC without Herky!!
Saying goodbye to our next door neighbors Tim, Nichole and Wyatt. Tim was a classmate of my Tim

Enjoying Kent Park for the last time