Friday, April 3, 2015

Random Spring Fun

I am happy to report that gorgeous Spring weather has arrived! We've been going on lots of walks, playing at the playground, swinging, and just being outside as much as possible. We are really going to miss this place...and miss the seasons, huh?! Here are just a few random pictures of us enjoying the sun!
Millie's first time mini golfing
Kate's friend Dillon has a big wheel!
For playgroup this week we met at the park and had an egg hunt! Kate loved playing with her church friends and the 70+ degree temperatures didn't hurt. 

Kate with her buds Addy and Abby

Kate is now in the phase of now rushing to see how many eggs she really can collect and Millie is happy picking up one egg and opening it to see what is inside. Millie seems to especially LOVE candy! Oh how different it is for a second born. I would have never let Kate eat so much candy or have so many suckers at Millie's age...oh well!


  1. Isn't spring the best?! It's hard not to be happy when the weather warms up. And I am totally with you on the second born thing. I was never as health conscience with Oakley as you were with Kate, but Peter definitely seems to have more of a sweet tooth. There are times when I can't do anything to distract him from sweets!

  2. These pictures of Kate and Millie are so cute. I'm happy it's spring and you can enjoy being outside, doing all the fun things you do. These pictures make me so lonesome for you!