Monday, April 13, 2015

Kate Update- April

I know I've said this before but I feel like the last few weeks Kate has really grown up! She acts more mature. Sure we still have the occasional melt down but she really is growing up. She is playing and sharing better with Millie. She is more polite, more thoughtful, more creative and seriously more fun and just more grown up!

Here are a few things about Kate this month:
  • Kate tells the best stories! They are quite elaborate and detailed! And long! We love our chatterbox!
  • One afternoon when Tim got off early we headed to Kent Park to enjoy some sunshine. We love walking around the lake there. Kate has a real thing for sticks and there were a lot of them around. She immediately started throwing them into the lake and saying "The swamp is hungry!!! His favorite food is sticks."
  • I went shopping the other day. Not only were the girls amazing as I tried on clothes Kate kept giving me the best compliments. Like, "Mom, you look stunning!" She got so excited, "Try on the orange one next." It was a really fun experience!
  • Marks her art work with 3 stickers as if signing her name "because she's 3 years old."
  • Kate recently has gotten into trivia. We bought these grapes the other day at Hy-Vee that were labeled as "Princess Grapes" and they even had the Disney princesses on the packaging and had a few trivia questions on it. Kate loved answering the questions and then wanted more... so she started making up questions. She is so clever. She made questions up for each princessa and then started on the princes. So fun!
  • Kate discovered the Mr. and Little Miss books this month. She is really into them. I remember loving these as a kid so it's been really fun to read them with her. She especially likes Little Miss Chatterbox because she knows people call her a chatterbox as well as Little Miss Naughty because she's purple. She also still loves Fancy Nancy and is newly into the Elephant and Piggie books. 
  • Still loving ballet and looks forward to Thursday each week! She's got awesome moves especially while riding in the car. 
  • Favorite color is still purple.

Took these pics at Kent Park when Kate was feeding the lake sticks 

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  1. Kate is growing up. She is quite the girl! Love your updates on Kate and Millie, Hay!