Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter Sunday and General Conference 2015

Happy Easter! We had a terrific Easter! We had an amazing weekend full of family time, Spring, and reflecting on our Savior and listening to words from our Church leaders during our semi-annual General Conference. 

Kate and Millie loved their Easter baskets and LOVED hunting for eggs! The first thing Kate said was, "how did the Easter bunny know I needed a new water bottle?" Tim made our traditional General Conference omelets for breakfast and we snuggled in for the morning in front of the television.

Tim came up with the cute idea to have a Conference Concession Stand where Kate could turn in tickets to get snacks and treats. Tim made a page for each General Authority for Kate to color and practice writing letters that were in each person's name. When she was done she could take her ticket to the "Concession Stand" and redeem her treats. Kate loved it and it really helped her play quietly while we listened. 

We have many Conference traditions. My favorite though is continuing my parents Conference Race between sessions. Conference wouldn't be complete without it.  

And then of course we had another egg hunt!

I know that my Redeemer lives and because He lives I can be with my family forever! Happy Easter!

Silly sisters!


  1. I love the concession stand idea. Like, it's brilliant. You guys are great parents, independent of really great ideas that I'm going to steal.

  2. Great idea for the concession stand. Looks like a great Easter!

  3. Your sweet pictures tell what a special Easter you had. Love you so much.