Monday, April 6, 2015

Amelia Update- April

18 months!!! Holy smokes! This girl is starting nursery next week! I hope she will go...she is our tender-hearted mama's girl so we will see...but actually think she will do great!

We had an amazing weekend! We got to celebrate Easter and listen to General Conference... and Tim has the whole weekend off! AMAZING! More on all that to come.

Here is quick Millie update:
  • This girl talks a lot and LOVES to make animal sounds! She loves repeating back just about anything that you say but totally on her own now says "baby," "tank you (thank you)," "cheese," "uh-oh," "stinky," "wee," "shoe," and "swing." She also kind of says "amen" at the end of prayers and calls Kate "tee." Is an expert animal sound maker for cat, dog, duck (her favorite sound), sheep, and now cow. She almost has monkey down too. 
  • Loves shoes! Loves putting her own shoes on her hands, loves bringing us our shoes, and is always bringing me my shoes and saying "go, go?" 
  • Can't let her walk out of the house without having to chase her halfway around the house because she's taken off to the backyard to go "wee? wee! (swing, swing)" Just like her big sister, this girl was made to swing!
  • Loves hugs and kisses. A Millie hug will leave you feeling like a million bucks. 
  • She is so polite! Always says "tank you" whenever you hand her something!
  • She is also amazing at following directions and cleaning up!
  • Loves to give her stuffed animals and baby dolls big hugs and rock them. She also likes to bite her stuffed animal noses! She is even more attached to her 3 best friends, her stuffed cat, Minnie Mouse, beanie baby Giraffe. 
  • She's a sweet little lady but continues to show times of real spunk and is getting better at not letting Kate boss her around. Millie loves to pull Kate's hair. We are still working on this.
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Height: 29 inches 

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  1. Beautiful, sweet Millie! Hard to believe she is 18 months old. Thanks for the update, Hay. It's fun to hear that she loves her stuffed animal friends and is holding her own with "tee." I especially love this Millie picture.