Monday, April 27, 2015

Hayley's 29th Birthday

I turned 29 on Sunday...yikes! I don't feel old but being one step closer to 30 sounds...well...old! But I do have an almost 4 year old and have been married for almost 6 years so I guess that's about right. it worked out...Tim was actually in Phoenix this past weekend looking for our future house. It was unfortunate that he couldn't be here to celebrate but after looking at dates, price of air travel for both of us, etc etc. It just had to happen...which actually was fine. Some dear friends had me and the girls over for a BBQ on Sunday, we had a really fun weekend, and Tim did an excellent job making me feel special and loved including a mysterious delivery of flowers left on our front step. Not to mention all you amazing family and friends that made my day!

AND Tim found us a great (rental) house! See pictures below. I told Tim what I really wanted for my birthday was a house. And he totally delivered! Our house is in this beautiful gated community in North Phoenix. It has 3 bedrooms plus a huge loft that we can use for toyroom/computer/whatever. The bedrooms are upstairs, we've got a 2-car garage, awesome patio outback, a community pool, and lots of other great things. Our backyard does not have have grass but in addition to the large patio we have a large area that the owner said we could put a swing set. It's going to be great and most importantly it's just under a 20 minute commute for Tim!

Thank you for making my birthday sweet! I certainly feel fortunate to have so many wonderful family and friends!

Tulips from some of our dearest friends from med school
Our new pueblo...unfortunately Lexus not included 
our pool

Monday, April 13, 2015

Kate Update- April

I know I've said this before but I feel like the last few weeks Kate has really grown up! She acts more mature. Sure we still have the occasional melt down but she really is growing up. She is playing and sharing better with Millie. She is more polite, more thoughtful, more creative and seriously more fun and just more grown up!

Here are a few things about Kate this month:
  • Kate tells the best stories! They are quite elaborate and detailed! And long! We love our chatterbox!
  • One afternoon when Tim got off early we headed to Kent Park to enjoy some sunshine. We love walking around the lake there. Kate has a real thing for sticks and there were a lot of them around. She immediately started throwing them into the lake and saying "The swamp is hungry!!! His favorite food is sticks."
  • I went shopping the other day. Not only were the girls amazing as I tried on clothes Kate kept giving me the best compliments. Like, "Mom, you look stunning!" She got so excited, "Try on the orange one next." It was a really fun experience!
  • Marks her art work with 3 stickers as if signing her name "because she's 3 years old."
  • Kate recently has gotten into trivia. We bought these grapes the other day at Hy-Vee that were labeled as "Princess Grapes" and they even had the Disney princesses on the packaging and had a few trivia questions on it. Kate loved answering the questions and then wanted more... so she started making up questions. She is so clever. She made questions up for each princessa and then started on the princes. So fun!
  • Kate discovered the Mr. and Little Miss books this month. She is really into them. I remember loving these as a kid so it's been really fun to read them with her. She especially likes Little Miss Chatterbox because she knows people call her a chatterbox as well as Little Miss Naughty because she's purple. She also still loves Fancy Nancy and is newly into the Elephant and Piggie books. 
  • Still loving ballet and looks forward to Thursday each week! She's got awesome moves especially while riding in the car. 
  • Favorite color is still purple.

Took these pics at Kent Park when Kate was feeding the lake sticks 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Easter Dresses

So I dropped the ball and didn't even think about having the girls wear their Easter dresses the Sunday before General we wore them today! Complete with sticks in hands! These two love carrying around sticks. We can't go outside without picking up a handful! And they had to be in the pictures today :)

I sure love these two girls of mine! They are sweet, silly and so much fun! We are so lucky to call them ours!

Oh and a side note... Millie went to nursery for the first time today and did awesome! She cried for a minute when Tim dropped her off and did want to be held for the first 30 minutes or so but by the end was having fun! I am so proud of her! 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter Sunday and General Conference 2015

Happy Easter! We had a terrific Easter! We had an amazing weekend full of family time, Spring, and reflecting on our Savior and listening to words from our Church leaders during our semi-annual General Conference. 

Kate and Millie loved their Easter baskets and LOVED hunting for eggs! The first thing Kate said was, "how did the Easter bunny know I needed a new water bottle?" Tim made our traditional General Conference omelets for breakfast and we snuggled in for the morning in front of the television.

Tim came up with the cute idea to have a Conference Concession Stand where Kate could turn in tickets to get snacks and treats. Tim made a page for each General Authority for Kate to color and practice writing letters that were in each person's name. When she was done she could take her ticket to the "Concession Stand" and redeem her treats. Kate loved it and it really helped her play quietly while we listened. 

We have many Conference traditions. My favorite though is continuing my parents Conference Race between sessions. Conference wouldn't be complete without it.  

And then of course we had another egg hunt!

I know that my Redeemer lives and because He lives I can be with my family forever! Happy Easter!

Silly sisters!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter Art Projects

We had a busy week full of fun and lots of art projects! Kate is our little creator and is always cutting, gluing, coloring, or painting! Kate was in her element with all of the little crafts I had planned. And Millie actually loved them too. 

Mom helped a bit :)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Amelia Update- April

18 months!!! Holy smokes! This girl is starting nursery next week! I hope she will go...she is our tender-hearted mama's girl so we will see...but actually think she will do great!

We had an amazing weekend! We got to celebrate Easter and listen to General Conference... and Tim has the whole weekend off! AMAZING! More on all that to come.

Here is quick Millie update:
  • This girl talks a lot and LOVES to make animal sounds! She loves repeating back just about anything that you say but totally on her own now says "baby," "tank you (thank you)," "cheese," "uh-oh," "stinky," "wee," "shoe," and "swing." She also kind of says "amen" at the end of prayers and calls Kate "tee." Is an expert animal sound maker for cat, dog, duck (her favorite sound), sheep, and now cow. She almost has monkey down too. 
  • Loves shoes! Loves putting her own shoes on her hands, loves bringing us our shoes, and is always bringing me my shoes and saying "go, go?" 
  • Can't let her walk out of the house without having to chase her halfway around the house because she's taken off to the backyard to go "wee? wee! (swing, swing)" Just like her big sister, this girl was made to swing!
  • Loves hugs and kisses. A Millie hug will leave you feeling like a million bucks. 
  • She is so polite! Always says "tank you" whenever you hand her something!
  • She is also amazing at following directions and cleaning up!
  • Loves to give her stuffed animals and baby dolls big hugs and rock them. She also likes to bite her stuffed animal noses! She is even more attached to her 3 best friends, her stuffed cat, Minnie Mouse, beanie baby Giraffe. 
  • She's a sweet little lady but continues to show times of real spunk and is getting better at not letting Kate boss her around. Millie loves to pull Kate's hair. We are still working on this.
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Height: 29 inches 

Friday, April 3, 2015

Random Spring Fun

I am happy to report that gorgeous Spring weather has arrived! We've been going on lots of walks, playing at the playground, swinging, and just being outside as much as possible. We are really going to miss this place...and miss the seasons, huh?! Here are just a few random pictures of us enjoying the sun!
Millie's first time mini golfing
Kate's friend Dillon has a big wheel!
For playgroup this week we met at the park and had an egg hunt! Kate loved playing with her church friends and the 70+ degree temperatures didn't hurt. 

Kate with her buds Addy and Abby

Kate is now in the phase of now rushing to see how many eggs she really can collect and Millie is happy picking up one egg and opening it to see what is inside. Millie seems to especially LOVE candy! Oh how different it is for a second born. I would have never let Kate eat so much candy or have so many suckers at Millie's age...oh well!