Monday, March 23, 2015

MATCH DAY!!!'s hard to believe this day finally came! We've been talking about this day for years and have spent the last few months going over the pros and cons of each city and program non stop...not to mention the thousands of miles traveled and months spent interviewing. What a process!! 

Match Day finally did arrive! It was actually a really fun week. Monday we found out that Tim did match, which was amazing to hear! The student council then planned informal events each night during the week and Tim and I were able to attend some of them. In fact we actually got a babysitter 3 times last week (M, W, and F)! Par-tay!!

Friday finally arrived and with it the longest morning of our lives waiting for 11am when the school could begin passing out the letters stating where we would be spending the next 3 years! 

We are excited to announce that Tim matched into pediatrics at Phoenix Children's Hospital! We will be moving to Phoenix at the beginning of June. We are thrilled to be moving west and are excited for some warm (actually hot) weather! And I did I mention it's only a 1-1/2 hr, ~$79 dollar, direct flight to Utah! It's hard to believe we are really at this point. Kate was only 3 months when med school started and she's now a beautiful almost 4 year time marches on. 

I'll never forget Match Day! What an exciting, whirlwind, full-of-so-many-emotions day! It's actually weird now that it's over. But we are so happy to finally know where we are headed and now have plenty of moving details and house hunting to keep us busy!

Bring on the sun, palm trees, shopping and Cafe Rio!

Getting excited to find out where we are headed...When I asked Kate where she hoped to be moving she said, "where's the Eiffel Tower? I want to go to to Paris!" 
Opening the letter

One of the girls favorite parts of Match Day was playing around these tables
Waiting for the video presentation...the girls loved this auditorium...she keeps asking if we can go back to watch a movie!
One of our dearest med school friends, Sam!
More med school friends at the Friday night celebration party at Joe's


  1. Congratulations to you guys! What an achievement. Welcome back to the west...!

  2. That's so great that you guys got to go and enjoy match week so much! Phoenix will be fun. You'll have to take some winter trips to utah to go skiing. :)

  3. Congratulations and love to all four of you! We're proud of you, Dr. Tim. Sound like Phoenix Children's Hospital will be terrific. It will be wonderful to have you closer!