Saturday, March 14, 2015

Kate Update- March

Here's the monthly update on Kate:

-Kate loves to create! She's always working on some art project whether it's painting, decorating with stickers, making some crazy creation with tape and construction paper or coloring! I love how artistic she is and how much joy she finds in creating! Her favorite two areas at the Children's Museum are the art studio and lego room where she can build and create. Oh and she loves the Blue Room too.
-She's not that interested in writing letters. But she does write the letters H, I, T, U, O, and J.
-She's been so amazing with my surgery! She is a great helper! Kate has made me lots of pretend soup, made me lots of pictures, and shared her blankie with me to help me feel better.
-Kate is the ultimate party planner! She always has a million ideas and always planning a party for something. The planning for her birthday party has already commenced. The theme is Ballet and Peter Pan party. We'll see if it sticks and how we can carry it all out.
-Always our chatterbox! Loves talking to everyone and always has some story or something to tell you!
-So we've been having lovely 60 degree weather. On Sunday I told Kate she didn't have to wear her purple winter coat and asked her what lighter coat she wanted to wear. Of course with her crazy memory she remembered her 2T pink fleece coat from Grandma. She was ecstatic to wear it and seriously asked 15 people to feel her coat and look at her pretty rose that was attached to it. She loves it and asks to sleep in it. Silly girl!
-Favorite new phrase, "Oh for goodness sakes!"
-Also likes saying when I ask her  a question, "It's a secret." Like when I ask her what they learned about in Primary.
-During pretend play is often talking about booby traps..."Watch out for booby traps!
-Discovered the movies Peter Pan and Mary Poppins while my mom was in town. Pretty sure she watched Peter Plan everyday for 10 days straight. It's obviously made quite the impact that she is planning her party partial around it now. She also really likes the Hunchback of Notre Dame II.  She saw the preview for it before Peter Pan started and she loves it. Also really enjoying the Backyardigans still.
-Is loving her dance class! And finds every opportunity to change into her tutu, tights, and ballet slippers. Loves Thursdays because it's dance day!
-Really into the new younger Amelia Bedelia books! They are really cute. And her other favorite book right now it Fancy Nancy Fanciest Doll in the Universe.
-Much to my dismay, wants a dog! And wants him to be purple and named Skittles. Oh and Kate has also been saying she wants another sister...named Katie. Oh boy!

I think that's all I've got for now...

Kate made this picture while we were waiting for my mom to has me, Tim, Kate and  Millie (with pigtails), Grandma, Grandpa, and one extra person :)


  1. Creative Kate. I love her and her passion for everything!

  2. Love these updates! Your girls have so much personality. I love the booby traps obsession. How random is that? Also, I'm just going to give you some unsolicited advice that if you have another girl someday, Katie might not be the best name. Oh the confusion that would ensue... :)