Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Grandma Comes to Save the Day

Oh how we love when family comes to visit! We just got to have my mom come visit for 6 days! It was heavenly. We loved having her here and are adjusting to life now without her :( Grandma actually came to take care of us.  I had to have minor surgery to remove a cyst I've had that has caused me on and off trouble for the past couple of years. I knew I needed surgery but was waiting till Millie wasn't nursing so much to take care of it. Although minor...I was decently worried about having surgery. I had never been put under anesthesia, I would have to be cut open, and it was all just unfamiliar.

After a roller coaster of events and emotions, a cancelled flight, and Tim driving to Des Moines last minute in serious winter weather- my mom arrived... poor lady...it took her over 14 hours to get from SLC to Iowa City! It was a relief to have her with us! And it was so comforting to know the girls were in good hands as we headed to the hospital at 5am. I will be forever thankful for her taking care of everything the days following my surgery with words of encouragement, endless love, delicious meals, fun for the girls, cleaning, laundry, and taking care of me.

I am happy to report that my surgery went really well. We were actually home by noon the same day. And other than the nausea and vomiting the first afternoon my recovery really has gone well. I feel very fortunate. And am very thankful for good pain medicine :) I've had trouble sitting, bending, being able to be a mom to little children... but I am doing well. My sweet mom took care of everything while she was here and my friends in Iowa City have been amazing to invite the girls over to play and bring us meals too.

Right before they took me in

Tim and my mom took the girls to this Frozen playdate event

Showing Grandma our museum

Grandma also got to experience a midwest ice storm. We picked this piece off our car. Everything was covered with 1/2 inch of ice! 


  1. Moms are the best. I'm so glad she could be there. And I'm glad everyone else is taking such good care of you, wish we were there to help!

  2. Your mom is wonderful! I love that picture of her playing with Kate. Where does she sleep when she is there? You certainly realize how many mom muscles you use every day when you can't use them for a little while, eh? You'll be back to normal in no time, Hayley! BETTER than normal with that cyst gone!

  3. Your mom is the sweetest - a true lifesaver! So glad she was there to help and that the surgery went well. It can be quite scary!!! I just wish we were closer so we could have helped more - but you were/still are in our thoughts and prayers! Love you guys!

  4. We had lots of fun together. So grateful and happy that you are doing well, Hay. I love and miss all of you!