Sunday, March 8, 2015

Amelia Update- March

I can't believe this little lady is only 1 month away from being old enough to attend nursery!! How did that happen?! Millie continues to be just delightful. She is just so fun, sweet, and smart. 

Here's a brief update on our Amelia Bedelia:

-Millie adores her Daddy! I love watching her eyes light up and watching her wave and bounce when Tim gets home each night. She gets so excited and starts saying "Dada" as soon as she hears the key go into the lock! 
-As we are getting ready to head out the door, she will point up at her coat on the coat rack and say "Go, go, go!" She also loves to and brings us our shoes (the correct ones) as we are getting ready to leave. 
-Still adores her Minnie, Meow Cat stuffed animals. Although they often get thrown overboard from her crib :) Millie also recently added my old Beanie Baby giraffe to stuffed animal "friends." 
-Is found saying "meow" at least 100 times every day. This girl loves kitties and wants to know where her stuffed animal cat is at all times.
-Insists on eating with utensils and is now demanding to sit in our booster seat rather than her high chair! Still eating so well and out eating her sister. Poor girl kind of got the boot with nursing immediately following my surgery. But she adjusting well and is still nursing once a day before bed each night. 
-Is a pro at listening. She follows directions and commands really well. 
-And likes to help clean up. She is really good at it and helps Kate a lot. It is crazy when I am having to get after Kate about cleaning up, I'll notice Millie starting to pick things up. Then Kate will notice and say "Thank you Millie!"
-Tooth number 13 popped out (3/9/15)
-Wants to be just like Kate! And I feel like in the last few weeks they have really started playing more and better together. I love it! I know when they are teenagers they will undoubtably fight but I also know they are going to be friends forever!


  1. So funny that I saw this post right after I did an update on declan. Great minds think alike! :) Millie sure is a cutie. We miss her! And all of you!

  2. Amelia is getting so big - can't believe she goest to nursery so soon! She is as sweet and beautiful as ever. I loved reading her update :)

  3. Sweet, little darling Millie! I loved being with her and all of you just last week. Millie loves everything, especially her mommy.

  4. Peter likes to bring shoes to everyone one too! He would also say "Go go go!" if he could. I can't wait to meet Millie someday!

  5. Arizona -- nice and warm! Congrats on the match.