Sunday, March 29, 2015

First Egg Hunt of the Season

We've been doing a lot of egg hunting around here! Kate is into it even more than last year and Millie loves carrying around her little basket.

On Saturday we went to our first official egg hunt at the Iowa City Moms Blog Egg Hunt and had blast! There were hundreds of eggs to gather, face painting, yummy snacks, and little crafts for the girls.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Nauvoo with the Harveys

So Tim has this awesome cousin- Crista, her husband Rick, and 3 awesome kids live in Colorado! During the two years we lived in Denver we got to see them a lot and became close. We loved attending their piano recitals and even watched their kids for the weekend. We were so excited when Crista called to tell us that they were coming to the midwest to do a Church history vacation over Spring Break which included a visit to Nauvoo (which is only 2 hours from us). We jumped at the chance to meet up with them and Tim was even able to take a day off. 

We had a great day visiting the historic sites, catching up, Kate loved playing with their kids, and the Harvey's even watched our girls for us so we could go to the temple! Thanks for coming to visit! 

Monday, March 23, 2015

MATCH DAY!!!'s hard to believe this day finally came! We've been talking about this day for years and have spent the last few months going over the pros and cons of each city and program non stop...not to mention the thousands of miles traveled and months spent interviewing. What a process!! 

Match Day finally did arrive! It was actually a really fun week. Monday we found out that Tim did match, which was amazing to hear! The student council then planned informal events each night during the week and Tim and I were able to attend some of them. In fact we actually got a babysitter 3 times last week (M, W, and F)! Par-tay!!

Friday finally arrived and with it the longest morning of our lives waiting for 11am when the school could begin passing out the letters stating where we would be spending the next 3 years! 

We are excited to announce that Tim matched into pediatrics at Phoenix Children's Hospital! We will be moving to Phoenix at the beginning of June. We are thrilled to be moving west and are excited for some warm (actually hot) weather! And I did I mention it's only a 1-1/2 hr, ~$79 dollar, direct flight to Utah! It's hard to believe we are really at this point. Kate was only 3 months when med school started and she's now a beautiful almost 4 year time marches on. 

I'll never forget Match Day! What an exciting, whirlwind, full-of-so-many-emotions day! It's actually weird now that it's over. But we are so happy to finally know where we are headed and now have plenty of moving details and house hunting to keep us busy!

Bring on the sun, palm trees, shopping and Cafe Rio!

Getting excited to find out where we are headed...When I asked Kate where she hoped to be moving she said, "where's the Eiffel Tower? I want to go to to Paris!" 
Opening the letter

One of the girls favorite parts of Match Day was playing around these tables
Waiting for the video presentation...the girls loved this auditorium...she keeps asking if we can go back to watch a movie!
One of our dearest med school friends, Sam!
More med school friends at the Friday night celebration party at Joe's

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Kate Update- March

Here's the monthly update on Kate:

-Kate loves to create! She's always working on some art project whether it's painting, decorating with stickers, making some crazy creation with tape and construction paper or coloring! I love how artistic she is and how much joy she finds in creating! Her favorite two areas at the Children's Museum are the art studio and lego room where she can build and create. Oh and she loves the Blue Room too.
-She's not that interested in writing letters. But she does write the letters H, I, T, U, O, and J.
-She's been so amazing with my surgery! She is a great helper! Kate has made me lots of pretend soup, made me lots of pictures, and shared her blankie with me to help me feel better.
-Kate is the ultimate party planner! She always has a million ideas and always planning a party for something. The planning for her birthday party has already commenced. The theme is Ballet and Peter Pan party. We'll see if it sticks and how we can carry it all out.
-Always our chatterbox! Loves talking to everyone and always has some story or something to tell you!
-So we've been having lovely 60 degree weather. On Sunday I told Kate she didn't have to wear her purple winter coat and asked her what lighter coat she wanted to wear. Of course with her crazy memory she remembered her 2T pink fleece coat from Grandma. She was ecstatic to wear it and seriously asked 15 people to feel her coat and look at her pretty rose that was attached to it. She loves it and asks to sleep in it. Silly girl!
-Favorite new phrase, "Oh for goodness sakes!"
-Also likes saying when I ask her  a question, "It's a secret." Like when I ask her what they learned about in Primary.
-During pretend play is often talking about booby traps..."Watch out for booby traps!
-Discovered the movies Peter Pan and Mary Poppins while my mom was in town. Pretty sure she watched Peter Plan everyday for 10 days straight. It's obviously made quite the impact that she is planning her party partial around it now. She also really likes the Hunchback of Notre Dame II.  She saw the preview for it before Peter Pan started and she loves it. Also really enjoying the Backyardigans still.
-Is loving her dance class! And finds every opportunity to change into her tutu, tights, and ballet slippers. Loves Thursdays because it's dance day!
-Really into the new younger Amelia Bedelia books! They are really cute. And her other favorite book right now it Fancy Nancy Fanciest Doll in the Universe.
-Much to my dismay, wants a dog! And wants him to be purple and named Skittles. Oh and Kate has also been saying she wants another sister...named Katie. Oh boy!

I think that's all I've got for now...

Kate made this picture while we were waiting for my mom to has me, Tim, Kate and  Millie (with pigtails), Grandma, Grandpa, and one extra person :)

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Amelia Update- March

I can't believe this little lady is only 1 month away from being old enough to attend nursery!! How did that happen?! Millie continues to be just delightful. She is just so fun, sweet, and smart. 

Here's a brief update on our Amelia Bedelia:

-Millie adores her Daddy! I love watching her eyes light up and watching her wave and bounce when Tim gets home each night. She gets so excited and starts saying "Dada" as soon as she hears the key go into the lock! 
-As we are getting ready to head out the door, she will point up at her coat on the coat rack and say "Go, go, go!" She also loves to and brings us our shoes (the correct ones) as we are getting ready to leave. 
-Still adores her Minnie, Meow Cat stuffed animals. Although they often get thrown overboard from her crib :) Millie also recently added my old Beanie Baby giraffe to stuffed animal "friends." 
-Is found saying "meow" at least 100 times every day. This girl loves kitties and wants to know where her stuffed animal cat is at all times.
-Insists on eating with utensils and is now demanding to sit in our booster seat rather than her high chair! Still eating so well and out eating her sister. Poor girl kind of got the boot with nursing immediately following my surgery. But she adjusting well and is still nursing once a day before bed each night. 
-Is a pro at listening. She follows directions and commands really well. 
-And likes to help clean up. She is really good at it and helps Kate a lot. It is crazy when I am having to get after Kate about cleaning up, I'll notice Millie starting to pick things up. Then Kate will notice and say "Thank you Millie!"
-Tooth number 13 popped out (3/9/15)
-Wants to be just like Kate! And I feel like in the last few weeks they have really started playing more and better together. I love it! I know when they are teenagers they will undoubtably fight but I also know they are going to be friends forever!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Grandma Comes to Save the Day

Oh how we love when family comes to visit! We just got to have my mom come visit for 6 days! It was heavenly. We loved having her here and are adjusting to life now without her :( Grandma actually came to take care of us.  I had to have minor surgery to remove a cyst I've had that has caused me on and off trouble for the past couple of years. I knew I needed surgery but was waiting till Millie wasn't nursing so much to take care of it. Although minor...I was decently worried about having surgery. I had never been put under anesthesia, I would have to be cut open, and it was all just unfamiliar.

After a roller coaster of events and emotions, a cancelled flight, and Tim driving to Des Moines last minute in serious winter weather- my mom arrived... poor took her over 14 hours to get from SLC to Iowa City! It was a relief to have her with us! And it was so comforting to know the girls were in good hands as we headed to the hospital at 5am. I will be forever thankful for her taking care of everything the days following my surgery with words of encouragement, endless love, delicious meals, fun for the girls, cleaning, laundry, and taking care of me.

I am happy to report that my surgery went really well. We were actually home by noon the same day. And other than the nausea and vomiting the first afternoon my recovery really has gone well. I feel very fortunate. And am very thankful for good pain medicine :) I've had trouble sitting, bending, being able to be a mom to little children... but I am doing well. My sweet mom took care of everything while she was here and my friends in Iowa City have been amazing to invite the girls over to play and bring us meals too.

Right before they took me in

Tim and my mom took the girls to this Frozen playdate event

Showing Grandma our museum

Grandma also got to experience a midwest ice storm. We picked this piece off our car. Everything was covered with 1/2 inch of ice!