Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy Heart Week!!!

Happy Valentine's Day! Holidays are just so magical when you have children to share them with! Kate was SO excited about everything this year...making and delivering valentines to friends, decorating cookies, and picking out flowers with Tim for me! We had fun celebrating all week with fun little activities each day like making cookies, a Valentine party at preschool, and crafts.

Tim had to work Saturday morning until about 1pm so we headed to the church for the ward breakfast without him. We had fun playing with friends there and making more valentines. We then headed home for lunch, tried to take some pictures, and met up with Tim. Millie went down for her nap while Kate and I ran to her friends birthday party. And then we all went to the Hawkeye women's gymnastics meet (a family tradition) and got fro yo. Oh and also had heart-shaped pizza! After the girls went to bed Tim and I dipped strawberries and discussed how lucky we really are!

Making Valentines to send to cousins and friends
Kate loves cutting out sugar cookies

Her haul from her Valentine preschool party
Kate loves sprinkles!!! I was really impressed though...she did amazingly better at limiting the amount of sprinkles then last year!

Valentine's from Mom and Dad

Valentine's Day lunch

Hawkeye Gymnastics Meet as a family
Opening more Valentines that came in the mail
Tim helped me dip these Saturday night!


  1. You are so festive and fun Hayley. We LOVED getting a valentine from you in the mail, personalized by Kate. Nice control with the sprinkles! We're still working on that. That's lame that Tim had to work on V-day but those chocolate covered strawberries look amazing! Miss you!

  2. That sassy picture of Kate holding the LOVE sign is so great! Also, you guys are way better at celebrating holidays than we are. I just decided to take a leaf out of your book :)

  3. Valentines Day was a hit at your house. Your sugar cookies are beautiful. Thank you for the very sweet Valentine you made for us. We love you. I can't wait to see you, soon!