Thursday, February 5, 2015

Amelia- 16 months

Millie is 16 months old!!! It's pretty hard to believe that I took these pictures Saturday morning... our yard is now completely covered with over a foot of snow from the big storm we got Saturday night! 

Here is the latest about our little lady:
  • Is back to her happy, cheerful self. That ear infection was a little rough but it didn't last. Don't get me wrong she is still a big mama's girl and still has her moments of stranger anxiety but it is getting better and better.
  • Discovered this past month the joys of stuffed animal "friends!" She adores her Minnie Mouse and is very attached. She calls her "Me-me!" It is so dang cute! Millie carries Minne all over the house and insists on sleeping with her and always having her within arms reach. 
  • Her other best friend is her stuffed animal cat. She insists on sleeping with her too! And when she is getting ready for bed, even while nursing, has to have them clutched in her hands. She calls this friend "e-ow." 
  • She LOVES animals! And loves to read books with animal pictures in them. One of her favorite books right now is this First Words book. She knows exactly where to turn to see the pictures of the cat, dog, and duck. It is so fun to watch her eyes light up when she sees them. 
  • Other favorite books right now are Good Night Moon, That's Not My Puppy, Everywhere a Moo, Moo and any touch and feel book. Millie loves to pick books off the bookshelf and bring them to me and plop right down on my lap. 
  • Newest words are "Go!" and "Boo."  Loves to hold Kate's Frozen Microphone that sings "Let It Go" and sings along...really...saying "Go, go, go!"It is one of my favorite things right now. She also is starting to try and say her name and Kate.  And is starting to do animal sounds like moo and baa. Millie still loves playing peek-a-boo!
  • Is the world's best waver! Loves to say "bye" and wave like crazy. Even when I am on the phone ending a conversation she starts to wave. 
  • Loves her Daddy. Loves waving to him. Loves watching out the window or door when he is leaving or shoveling the snow.
  • Just noticed this week that her 2 fingers she sucks on are getting dry. Oh dear! This cold weather isn't help it either I am sure. 
  • I know I've said this...but she adores her big sister and wants to do whatever Kate is doing! Recently started needing a swaddle blanket of her own to carry around the house... just like Kate! Millie often wakes up before Kate (or before Kate is allowed to come out of her room at 6:30am) and the first thing she does after nursing is go knock on Kate's door. 
  • Recently discovered the teepee and loves crawling in and poking her head in and out of the doors. I love peeking in and seeing my two beautiful girls playing in there! 
  • Still going to sleep at 7pm, up at about 6:30am, and still taking 2 naps...although I think the transition to 1 nap is coming soon! 

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  1. Millie certainly is growing up. What a darling, sweet little girl! It will be so fun to be with you and see you all soon!