Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy Heart Week!!!

Happy Valentine's Day! Holidays are just so magical when you have children to share them with! Kate was SO excited about everything this year...making and delivering valentines to friends, decorating cookies, and picking out flowers with Tim for me! We had fun celebrating all week with fun little activities each day like making cookies, a Valentine party at preschool, and crafts.

Tim had to work Saturday morning until about 1pm so we headed to the church for the ward breakfast without him. We had fun playing with friends there and making more valentines. We then headed home for lunch, tried to take some pictures, and met up with Tim. Millie went down for her nap while Kate and I ran to her friends birthday party. And then we all went to the Hawkeye women's gymnastics meet (a family tradition) and got fro yo. Oh and also had heart-shaped pizza! After the girls went to bed Tim and I dipped strawberries and discussed how lucky we really are!

Making Valentines to send to cousins and friends
Kate loves cutting out sugar cookies

Her haul from her Valentine preschool party
Kate loves sprinkles!!! I was really impressed though...she did amazingly better at limiting the amount of sprinkles then last year!

Valentine's from Mom and Dad

Valentine's Day lunch

Hawkeye Gymnastics Meet as a family
Opening more Valentines that came in the mail
Tim helped me dip these Saturday night!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Kate Update- February 2015

My how Kate is growing up! I feel like this past month she has really matured. Kate is listening better, wanting to help and share with Millie, and is amazing at playing on her own and coming up with fun things or crafts to keep her busy. Here are a few updates about Kate this month in no particular order...
  • LOVES the color purple! 
  • This girl ADORES her ballet class! She is always asking if it is dance day. She loves getting dressed in her leotard, tights, and tutu! When I tell her it's Thursday (the day she has class) she usually raises her arms in the air and yells, "yay yay yay yay yay!!!" I am just thrilled that she is loving it so much. She loves telling me about what she learns and loves to practice.
  • I love her imagination! We often play "Disneyland" meaning that Kate gets in one of her dress ups and Millie and I stand in line so we can meet a princess! Also the other day when we were playing grocery store as we were going to unload the groceries into our pretend truck she said she wanted to be "Amanda." Amanda is a super sweet lady at the grocery store that often comes out to the car with us to help! Hy-Vee is the bomb! They are so good to us!
  • Like I mentioned she plays so well on her own. The other day she had asked me to bring down her bike and came up with the idea of attaching our stroller to her little bike to make a bike trailer for her doll. I also love all the conversations I overhear between her and her stuffed animals or Magic Clip Princesses. Kate takes a nap probably 3 times a week now but when she doesn't she has quiet time and she is so good at staying and playing in her room! I am so proud of her!
  • Is so good at saying "thank you!" And loves giving compliments! She is also doing pretty well with her chores of making her bed and taking her plate to the sink after meals! 
  • Really got into Valentine's Day! She loved making valentines for all of her friends and cousins and asked daily when Valentine's Day would be here! She loves sending mail so sending valentines was totally awesome!
  • Is our little artist. Can always be found at the table gluing, sticking stickers, or water coloring!
  • Gave her first FHE lesson on 2/2/15. It was totally her idea and she did it all on her own. It was so darling. The week before I had put a few items in a bag and had her pick them out. She did the same thing and related them all to Jesus. She then pulled out her Book of Mormon and explained and asked us questions about each picture. Including asking us "who is this?" When Tim replied "Joseph Smith" Kate said, "That's right!" Following her sisters example, Millie has taken over as the hymn book passer-outer. 
  • Kate loves the little preschool/joy school that we do with some friends from church. She always loves going and loves the little art projects and worksheets she does there. Last Fall I did a preschool focused on Sinking and Floating. She loved it at the time but life continued...this month she all of a sudden remembered it and gathers items before bath each night and hypothesizes if each item will sink or float. 
  • As always continues to be very articulate and remembers EVERYTHING! Her memory really astonishes me.
  • When asked a question, Kate now likes saying "It's a secret!" Like when we ask "how was Primary? What songs did you sing?" to which she replies "I can't tell you, it's a secret."
  • Loves surprises and presents. We celebrate somebodies birthday at our house everyday. Kate loves wrapping up her toys and having parties. I've recently had to start limiting and buying more scotch tape because Kate uses so much. 
  • Oh and a little friend had her birthday party the other week so Kate's birthday party planning has commenced!! For a few weeks Kate was set on having a "Sully" Party as in Monsters Inc. but as of Saturday it has switched to a ballet theme. We will see what ends up sticking...we are now down to less then 3 months until the big day.
  • Oh and she is also always talking about what she is going to be for Halloween next. She has a running list now of probably 20 ideas and she doesn't forget them. I recently said one to which she replied, "No, that's not on the list Mom!"
  • After going to a gymnastics places open gym time for the first time this month, Kate asks daily to go to "the trampoline place." It was obviously a hit and we will have to head back there soon. 
  • Favorite books are Amelia Bedelia and Fancy Nancy! And any book about ballet!
  • Still loving The Backyardigans for her preferred tv time but just discovered Blue's Clues at the library and likes it a lot!
  • She is getting good at writing letters and is working on recognizing numbers.
That was a lot of things...sorry! Thanks Kate for all the fun and joy you bring into our lives!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Amelia- 16 months

Millie is 16 months old!!! It's pretty hard to believe that I took these pictures Saturday morning... our yard is now completely covered with over a foot of snow from the big storm we got Saturday night! 

Here is the latest about our little lady:
  • Is back to her happy, cheerful self. That ear infection was a little rough but it didn't last. Don't get me wrong she is still a big mama's girl and still has her moments of stranger anxiety but it is getting better and better.
  • Discovered this past month the joys of stuffed animal "friends!" She adores her Minnie Mouse and is very attached. She calls her "Me-me!" It is so dang cute! Millie carries Minne all over the house and insists on sleeping with her and always having her within arms reach. 
  • Her other best friend is her stuffed animal cat. She insists on sleeping with her too! And when she is getting ready for bed, even while nursing, has to have them clutched in her hands. She calls this friend "e-ow." 
  • She LOVES animals! And loves to read books with animal pictures in them. One of her favorite books right now is this First Words book. She knows exactly where to turn to see the pictures of the cat, dog, and duck. It is so fun to watch her eyes light up when she sees them. 
  • Other favorite books right now are Good Night Moon, That's Not My Puppy, Everywhere a Moo, Moo and any touch and feel book. Millie loves to pick books off the bookshelf and bring them to me and plop right down on my lap. 
  • Newest words are "Go!" and "Boo."  Loves to hold Kate's Frozen Microphone that sings "Let It Go" and sings along...really...saying "Go, go, go!"It is one of my favorite things right now. She also is starting to try and say her name and Kate.  And is starting to do animal sounds like moo and baa. Millie still loves playing peek-a-boo!
  • Is the world's best waver! Loves to say "bye" and wave like crazy. Even when I am on the phone ending a conversation she starts to wave. 
  • Loves her Daddy. Loves waving to him. Loves watching out the window or door when he is leaving or shoveling the snow.
  • Just noticed this week that her 2 fingers she sucks on are getting dry. Oh dear! This cold weather isn't help it either I am sure. 
  • I know I've said this...but she adores her big sister and wants to do whatever Kate is doing! Recently started needing a swaddle blanket of her own to carry around the house... just like Kate! Millie often wakes up before Kate (or before Kate is allowed to come out of her room at 6:30am) and the first thing she does after nursing is go knock on Kate's door. 
  • Recently discovered the teepee and loves crawling in and poking her head in and out of the doors. I love peeking in and seeing my two beautiful girls playing in there! 
  • Still going to sleep at 7pm, up at about 6:30am, and still taking 2 naps...although I think the transition to 1 nap is coming soon! 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tot Lot- Winter 2015

I know I previously have posted about how much we love going to the rec center and playing at the tot lot. We've been at it again this winter and having that much more fun! Millie loves it too! And we love meeting up with friends to do something active during these frigid cold months.

It's been really fun to go back and look at pictures from last year and see the different a year makes. My-o-my my Millie girl has grown! Check out these pictures from January 2014 and now!