Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wagon Rides and Warmer Weather

I'm happy to report that we been enjoying some much needed warmer weather! And by warmer weather I'm talking like 40 degrees! But I tell you what it's been a heat wave! Tim been working in the NICU and started nights this week. He has some long hours of course but when he's on nights it's just kind of funky. It's been really nice when he wakes up in the afternoon to get out and we've enjoyed many a wagon ride! Kate loves splashing in the puddles and pulling the wagon and Millie LOVES being pulled by her big sister!

We also enjoyed some extra family time with MLK Day! I especially love going to our regular places/activities with Tim. A few pics below of our trip to our library. This is one place I am particularly going to miss if/when we leave Iowa City!


  1. We miss the library! But we miss you more!

  2. Yay for weather nice enough to enjoy! We love that too. And aren't nights the worst? "Funky" is a good word for it. :) really hard with kids. So, what's all this new stuff at the library!? Is that out by the cafe? I'm with Rachel, really miss that library too, it was the best. Super cute picture of Kate with her name spelled out! And that first pic of Millie melts my heart.