Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Pretty Ballerina

Our tiny dancer is official...Kate started dance class last week and is in heaven! Kate has always loved dancing and can always be found twirling and singing but it's been in the last 3-4 months that she has really gotten into swaying and moving her arms in a ballerina fashion and wanting to wear tutus. She's can really get into's pretty dang cute. With being in Utah in October and then with the holidays signing up for class last Fall just didn't work out. Oh it has been so fun to see her excitement about taking ballet and I will never forget going to pick out her ballet shoes! Kate goes to class once a week for 30 minutes with Ms. Jamie at Bitty Ballerinas. I think she has 7 other little girls in her class. 

We took these pictures just before heading out the door on her first day! Kate could hardly wait to change into her tutu all day long. When it was finally time her face just lit up. We couldn't get her tights on fast enough. And darling Millie wanted in on the photo shoot. Millie adores her big sister. I love how the picture below captures that! More pictures to come of actual class. 


  1. I LOVE that picture of Millie looking up to Kate. Siblings are the best!

  2. So fun! Have you read the book "Ballerina Rosie"? It's currently one of Oakley's favs, Kate would love it!

  3. These are darling pictures of Kate and Millie. They are precious little girls. It is so wonderful and fun that you have real pretty ballerina dolls, Hay!