Friday, January 16, 2015

Kate's Sleepover Party

So Kate is kind of obsessed with sleepovers! And asks to have them all of the time! Awhile back she got the book Amelia Bedelia Sleeps Over and boy who knew this book would mean so much to her!! To try and help redirect these desires I suggested a sleepover party of sorts. Keep it simple…have the friends come over in jammies, watch a movie, eat, paint nails, right?! We had one last Fall and it was a hit. I guess she kind of forgot about sleepovers for a bit but then upon returning from Christmas the flame was rekindled.

Hence, the planning began for Kate's next Sleepover Party! She had quite the list of things we needed to do to. This girl cracks me up she wanted to do everything that Amelia Bedelia does in the book plus a few others. This included me welcoming her two friends at the door saying "Welcome to Kate's Sleepover Party," wearing pjs of course, eating purple jello for a snack, watching a movie (Curious George), playing a game (Sneaky Snacky Squirrel), making s'mores, eating pizza, and painting nails. Oh and poor girl wanted to make decorations but I convinced her it really wasn't necessary. We had a wonderful party! And Kate was so pleased. Sure love my Kate and all her enthusiasm and spunk.

Poor Ryan…he really did sleep :)

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