Monday, January 12, 2015

Kate Update- December 2014/January 2015

Oh Kate! You are too much fun! And you are always making us laugh! I love the beautiful young lady she is turning out to be. She is spunky, silly, and independent but also really sweet and such a good girl.

Let's are some highlights of Kate the last couple of months.

  • Absolutely loved our trip to Disneyland! She loves telling everyone about her favorite rides and how we had to take a bus to get there (we rode a bus shuttle from our hotel to Disneyland everyday). 
  • LOVES to build! She plays with her Duplo legos all day long. She particularly loves the Princess Lego and got a new Cinderella set for Christmas that she adores. She is also always playing with her Octonaut figures and Gup-A ship. Still loves Magic Clip princesses and dressing-up. I love walking into her room or overhearing the darling conversations she has between her MagicClip dolls as they play in her dollhouse and castle. 
  • Favorite shows: Octonauts, Kate and Mim-mim, and Paw Patrol.
  • Favorite books: her Princess and Disney Jr. Golden books
  • Loves singing into her Frozen microphone.
  • Kate loves to make up songs and sing them at the top of her lungs! She also  is really into making up dances to go along with these new songs. She will be starting a little ballet class in a few weeks and is so excited. She loved going to buy her ballet shoes and adores wearing tutus. 
  • She is o good at saying "thank you!"
  • Loves her cousins! Oh it was heaven spending so much time with them in Utah!
  • Kate likes to hold my hand!
  • She often still struggles sharing with her sister at times but can also be really awesome at sharing too. 
  • Loves to what we call "reminisce"...not sure where she picked this up but she loves talking about things in the past and saying "when I was a little baby." It's really funny. And she also will tell me about things that she doesn't like now but liked when she was a 2 year old.
  • She is a counting and letter expert.
  • Loves to talk about our plans for the week. She always wants to know what are plans are for each day. 
  • And she can certainly throw an impressive tantrum but fortunately doesn't happen too often.
We love you Kater-Skater! Thank you for all the fun you bring into our lives!


  1. That picture of Kate is so dang cute and makes her look so old and grown up. We sure miss her and all of you!

  2. I love all these updates! Disneyland looks awesome and I love the bit about Kate "reminiscing". Hilarious.