Thursday, January 8, 2015

Amelia- 15 months

We flew back to Iowa on Millie's 15 month birthday! With a cancelled flight, rebooking a different airline to make our connection in Denver, a long layover and then delayed flight, and then sitting on the tarmac in Cedar Rapids for over an hour it took us over 13 hours to get home!! Although we got welcome back with a week of freezing temperatures (around -25 degrees with wind chill). Yikes! Sure makes San Diego or Arizona sound tempting...

Anyway here are a few things about our Amelia Bedelia:
  • We've got a WALKER!!! Millie has been taking steps for awhile now and was even doing little distances but then all of a sudden on December 29th really took off. She has the cutest toddle and I can't get over how darling she looks walking about! And it is so cute how proud of herself she is!!
  • All of a sudden she is all grown up and is no longer a baby. 
  • Is BUSY! Is here there and everywhere! 
  • Has her 4 molars!! Poor girl got them all at once pretty much. Millie was having a rough couple of nights waking up...I wondered why...a few days later I noticed that she had her bottom right, bottom left, and top left molars. And then a few days later the other one popped out. 
  • This girl has lots to say! Says mama, dada, more, ball, hi, bye, and baby. And almost says kitty, Kate, and grandma and grandpa.
  • Loves putting up any phone to her ear and saying "hi!"
  • Loves my real cell phone. She is always trying to snag it and can be quite demanding. 
  • Loves animals! She is so intrigued whether it be staring at the squirrel in our front yard or the dog at the airport. She adores my parents cat Mistek and any time she got a glimps of her would go crazy and had to pet her. 
  • Loves touch and feel books. Favorite books right now are That's Not My Puppy, Touch and Feel Kittens, and B is for Bear.
  • Is still an amazing eater! And all of a sudden wants utensils. I love watching her try and try to stab bits of food. She is getting really good with both a fork and spoon.
  • Her hair it getting longer. It is still pretty short but it beautiful and even. 
  • Millie as the center of her cousin's attention. All her little cousins were always trying to pick her up, carry her, hug her, or smother her!
  • Mastered going down the stairs while out in Utah! Kind of fun she learned to go up them when we were there for the month of October and then learned how to go down in December.
  • Can be quite needy. Especially in the afternoon/early evening. But even though she likes to be held a lot she is extremely pleasant!
  • 15 month stats- Weighs 19 lbs 15 oz (30th%ile) and is 27-1/2 inches (0.4%ile)
  • Oh and decided to celebrate her 15 months by getting her first ear infection. Poor girl!

We sure love our Millie girl and love the beautiful little girl that she has become!

And here are a couple pics from Millie's 15 month appt. I just adore those darling little robes!

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