Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Pretty Ballerina

Our tiny dancer is official...Kate started dance class last week and is in heaven! Kate has always loved dancing and can always be found twirling and singing but it's been in the last 3-4 months that she has really gotten into swaying and moving her arms in a ballerina fashion and wanting to wear tutus. She's can really get into's pretty dang cute. With being in Utah in October and then with the holidays signing up for class last Fall just didn't work out. Oh it has been so fun to see her excitement about taking ballet and I will never forget going to pick out her ballet shoes! Kate goes to class once a week for 30 minutes with Ms. Jamie at Bitty Ballerinas. I think she has 7 other little girls in her class. 

We took these pictures just before heading out the door on her first day! Kate could hardly wait to change into her tutu all day long. When it was finally time her face just lit up. We couldn't get her tights on fast enough. And darling Millie wanted in on the photo shoot. Millie adores her big sister. I love how the picture below captures that! More pictures to come of actual class. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wagon Rides and Warmer Weather

I'm happy to report that we been enjoying some much needed warmer weather! And by warmer weather I'm talking like 40 degrees! But I tell you what it's been a heat wave! Tim been working in the NICU and started nights this week. He has some long hours of course but when he's on nights it's just kind of funky. It's been really nice when he wakes up in the afternoon to get out and we've enjoyed many a wagon ride! Kate loves splashing in the puddles and pulling the wagon and Millie LOVES being pulled by her big sister!

We also enjoyed some extra family time with MLK Day! I especially love going to our regular places/activities with Tim. A few pics below of our trip to our library. This is one place I am particularly going to miss if/when we leave Iowa City!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Angels for Marjorie

My dear childhood friend, Mary, lost her darling daughter unexpectedly this past Friday. She had been battling a viral illness (presumed influenza) during the week and overnight stopped breathing.  She was only 2-1/2 years old. Our hearts have broken at the loss of this sweet girl. It's been a very emotional week. Our thoughts and prayers have gone to them every day!

I am sure thankful for my Gospel knowledge and I know this life is not the end. I know that families are eternal. Marjorie lived a short, perfect life and I know she will be with her family again. I know it is this same faith that will sustain them through the difficult weeks and months ahead.

Friends from all over made these sweet handprint angels for Marjorie! We sent ours off in the mail this week!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Kate's Sleepover Party

So Kate is kind of obsessed with sleepovers! And asks to have them all of the time! Awhile back she got the book Amelia Bedelia Sleeps Over and boy who knew this book would mean so much to her!! To try and help redirect these desires I suggested a sleepover party of sorts. Keep it simple…have the friends come over in jammies, watch a movie, eat, paint nails, right?! We had one last Fall and it was a hit. I guess she kind of forgot about sleepovers for a bit but then upon returning from Christmas the flame was rekindled.

Hence, the planning began for Kate's next Sleepover Party! She had quite the list of things we needed to do to. This girl cracks me up she wanted to do everything that Amelia Bedelia does in the book plus a few others. This included me welcoming her two friends at the door saying "Welcome to Kate's Sleepover Party," wearing pjs of course, eating purple jello for a snack, watching a movie (Curious George), playing a game (Sneaky Snacky Squirrel), making s'mores, eating pizza, and painting nails. Oh and poor girl wanted to make decorations but I convinced her it really wasn't necessary. We had a wonderful party! And Kate was so pleased. Sure love my Kate and all her enthusiasm and spunk.

Poor Ryan…he really did sleep :)

Monday, January 12, 2015

Kate Update- December 2014/January 2015

Oh Kate! You are too much fun! And you are always making us laugh! I love the beautiful young lady she is turning out to be. She is spunky, silly, and independent but also really sweet and such a good girl.

Let's are some highlights of Kate the last couple of months.

  • Absolutely loved our trip to Disneyland! She loves telling everyone about her favorite rides and how we had to take a bus to get there (we rode a bus shuttle from our hotel to Disneyland everyday). 
  • LOVES to build! She plays with her Duplo legos all day long. She particularly loves the Princess Lego and got a new Cinderella set for Christmas that she adores. She is also always playing with her Octonaut figures and Gup-A ship. Still loves Magic Clip princesses and dressing-up. I love walking into her room or overhearing the darling conversations she has between her MagicClip dolls as they play in her dollhouse and castle. 
  • Favorite shows: Octonauts, Kate and Mim-mim, and Paw Patrol.
  • Favorite books: her Princess and Disney Jr. Golden books
  • Loves singing into her Frozen microphone.
  • Kate loves to make up songs and sing them at the top of her lungs! She also  is really into making up dances to go along with these new songs. She will be starting a little ballet class in a few weeks and is so excited. She loved going to buy her ballet shoes and adores wearing tutus. 
  • She is o good at saying "thank you!"
  • Loves her cousins! Oh it was heaven spending so much time with them in Utah!
  • Kate likes to hold my hand!
  • She often still struggles sharing with her sister at times but can also be really awesome at sharing too. 
  • Loves to what we call "reminisce"...not sure where she picked this up but she loves talking about things in the past and saying "when I was a little baby." It's really funny. And she also will tell me about things that she doesn't like now but liked when she was a 2 year old.
  • She is a counting and letter expert.
  • Loves to talk about our plans for the week. She always wants to know what are plans are for each day. 
  • And she can certainly throw an impressive tantrum but fortunately doesn't happen too often.
We love you Kater-Skater! Thank you for all the fun you bring into our lives!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bahr Family Pictures- December 2014

With Kim and Damon (Tim's parents) leaving on a mission for our church this summer and the fact that us and the Texas Bahrs were in town we took the opportunity and got some Bahr Family pictures taken!

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Once upon a time I was quite the avid and pretty dang good skier! I started skiing when I was 5 years old and grew up skiing with my family! I have so many memories up on the slopes! In high school I enjoyed the luxury of student season passes and enjoyed skiing every week. But since getting married, moving away from Utah, and then having babies and nursing I haven't been able to ski as much as I would like.

I was determined this trip to make skiing a priority! I was able to go one afternoon with my Dad up at Alta and then again all day at Brighton for the first annual Sokol Family Ski Day! It was actually the first time that Tim and I had ever skied together (we've both been skiing since getting married but never together). It was so fun to have my Dad, brother Steve, SIL Kristin, niece Alyssa, nephew Brady, and 2 of my cousins come! It was a very cold day but the snow was awesome and it felt so good to be back on the mountain!

We've got to get back to Utah so we can do this more often…and my girls need to become awesome skiers too!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Amelia- 15 months

We flew back to Iowa on Millie's 15 month birthday! With a cancelled flight, rebooking a different airline to make our connection in Denver, a long layover and then delayed flight, and then sitting on the tarmac in Cedar Rapids for over an hour it took us over 13 hours to get home!! Although we got welcome back with a week of freezing temperatures (around -25 degrees with wind chill). Yikes! Sure makes San Diego or Arizona sound tempting...

Anyway here are a few things about our Amelia Bedelia:
  • We've got a WALKER!!! Millie has been taking steps for awhile now and was even doing little distances but then all of a sudden on December 29th really took off. She has the cutest toddle and I can't get over how darling she looks walking about! And it is so cute how proud of herself she is!!
  • All of a sudden she is all grown up and is no longer a baby. 
  • Is BUSY! Is here there and everywhere! 
  • Has her 4 molars!! Poor girl got them all at once pretty much. Millie was having a rough couple of nights waking up...I wondered why...a few days later I noticed that she had her bottom right, bottom left, and top left molars. And then a few days later the other one popped out. 
  • This girl has lots to say! Says mama, dada, more, ball, hi, bye, and baby. And almost says kitty, Kate, and grandma and grandpa.
  • Loves putting up any phone to her ear and saying "hi!"
  • Loves my real cell phone. She is always trying to snag it and can be quite demanding. 
  • Loves animals! She is so intrigued whether it be staring at the squirrel in our front yard or the dog at the airport. She adores my parents cat Mistek and any time she got a glimps of her would go crazy and had to pet her. 
  • Loves touch and feel books. Favorite books right now are That's Not My Puppy, Touch and Feel Kittens, and B is for Bear.
  • Is still an amazing eater! And all of a sudden wants utensils. I love watching her try and try to stab bits of food. She is getting really good with both a fork and spoon.
  • Her hair it getting longer. It is still pretty short but it beautiful and even. 
  • Millie as the center of her cousin's attention. All her little cousins were always trying to pick her up, carry her, hug her, or smother her!
  • Mastered going down the stairs while out in Utah! Kind of fun she learned to go up them when we were there for the month of October and then learned how to go down in December.
  • Can be quite needy. Especially in the afternoon/early evening. But even though she likes to be held a lot she is extremely pleasant!
  • 15 month stats- Weighs 19 lbs 15 oz (30th%ile) and is 27-1/2 inches (0.4%ile)
  • Oh and decided to celebrate her 15 months by getting her first ear infection. Poor girl!

We sure love our Millie girl and love the beautiful little girl that she has become!

And here are a couple pics from Millie's 15 month appt. I just adore those darling little robes!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas 2014 in Utah

We had an amazing time in Utah for Christmas break! We ate a lot of really good food, played hard, and just soaked up as much time as possible with our families! 

With just being in Utah for the month of October I was excited to take it easy and not fill out days! We still made plenty of plans with many Christmas festivities, seeing friends, going to favorite places to eat, skiing, etc. but it was so nice to just soak up the Christmas spirit, reflect about the true meaning of Christmas, and enjoy a lot of family time!

Sokol family nativity
Grand America Gingerbread House
Temple Square Lights
ZCMI Candy Windows
Bahr Gingerbread House Making
We got to go to a BYU Basketball Game

Matching Christmas Jammies with the Bahrs
Entire Sokol family Christmas Day