Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas in Utah- 2015

Oh what a wonderful Christmas we had! We found out that Tim in fact got 4 days off for Christmas! What?! Intern year and getting off Christmas...I couldn't believe it! Best news ever! We decided since he actually got time off and who knows if he'll get Christmas off next year we decided that of course we would head to Utah and be with our families! Back in like end of September/early October I was talking to some of our closest friends here about holiday plans. I was anxious to find people to get together with for Thanksgiving. The husband has grandparents near by that they would be going to but would definitely be driving up to Utah for Christmas and actually invited us to drive up with them (they have a mini van and only 1 kid). I kind of laughed off the idea at the time just assuming I'd fly up with the girls and if Tim got any time we'd figure it out. But once we found out he did in fact get time off and I looked into buying 3 plane tickets, I asked my friends if they were serious about letting the girls and I drive up with them and we made plans to tag along. This would either strengthen or kill our friendship, right?!  I'm pleased to say the drive went really well. I entertained, grabbed and changed toys, and gave snacks to those 3 little ladies over and over again. We arrived in Orem on Saturday, the 19th, and enjoyed playing and catching up with Nick and Jess and family before heading up to SLC on Sunday.

Tim was able to drive up on Christmas Adam to join us but before the girls and I enjoyed a lot of family/cousin time and did a few favorite Christmas activities. We went to the Grand America to see the giant gingerbread house. Kate remembered going last year and couldn't stop talking about going. Kate's favorite Christmas activity by far is making gingerbread houses! We missed the annual Sokol gingerbread house making party this year but my sister-in-law was sweet to still make us the pieces so we were able to put ours together on Monday night. Both girls totally loved it and Kate was a serious wiz with the frosting bag and did an amazing job lining up the gum drops on the roof!

The other highlight was seeing these now Arizona girls play in the snow! Kate had been talking about it for months prior and was sorely disappointed when we made our early December trip to Utah and there wasn't any snow. This time around Utah did not disappoint. My parents got dumped on while we were there. And fortunately our snow stuff from last year still fit...I wasn't about to go buy a whole bunch of snow stuff that would go unused otherwise.

Christmas Eve we got together with all of my brothers and their families for the annual cousin gift exchange! Kate was so excited to give her cousin the BB-8 stuffed animal we had picked out and it just never gets old to see how much joy my girls get from playing with their cousins! We enjoyed a traditional Christmas Eve meal before everyone went off to do their own family Christmas Eve's at their homes. We got to stay and enjoy the evening with Grandma and Grandpa! Kate was also really excited to set out cookies for Santa and was concerned as I put her to bed that we had forgotten the milk...which we quickly fixed.

Christmas Eve
The girls were totally spoiled and got some awesome toys! In the past with flying back to Iowa we always just wrote Santa and asked if he'd come early to and deliver our presents to house before we left for Utah. However, since we were flying and would have our van to drive back to Utah we thought it would be more fun to write Santa and let him know we'd be able Grandma and Grandpa's this year!
Santa was good to the girls
Kate's list ebbed and flowed a little bit depending on what store we were at...but since July she said that she was going to ask Santa for the Glitter Glider Castle and boy did it stay firm. And I'm pleased that it is in fact not a piece of junk and Kate and Millie both love it. Kate also go the Ariel Mermaid stuffed animal doll she wanted and an art kit. Millie got this awesome race track. They sell it at our Children's Museum and every time we go she just wants to play with it and stare at it forever...although it isn't really something she can build we decided it would be such a fun toy to have so she got one and loves it. She can turn the cars on and off herself and she gets a total kick out of it. The one thing she always said when we asked her what she wanted from Santa was "Nemo" so she got the Finding Nemo DVD and a Tinkerbell stuffed animal doll like Kate's Ariel one and I'm pretty sure that was her ultimate favorite gift that she got. My parents spoiled us too with so many fun gifts. And we will be going to Disney on Ice next week thanks to Tim's parents. Christmas is such a magical time! It is so fun to experience it all as a parent.

We enjoyed an awesome Christmas Day full of lots of playing and playing with cousins again. And then Saturday we packed up and drove down to Utah county to spend some time with Tim's siblings before heading back to Phoenix on Sunday. 

It was a wonderful week in Utah. It never seems long enough but we got to do a lot and got to spend it with those that matter most! And I even got to see a few of my dearest longtime childhood friends too! Hope that each of you had a wonderful Christmas too! And may we not forgot the real reason we celebrate. The presents and Santa are so fun but I hope we've done a decent job of teaching our girls about our Savior and why He is the real reason we celebrate!
Waiting patiently to go into the living room
I love this picture and the next one...Millie was just tickled to watch her car go around and around the track.

It worked out perfectly that my parents gave Kate a Rapunzel doll while we gave Kate a Rapunzel dress up!
The girls playing with their Boogie Boards from Grandma and Grandpa
Bahr Cousin Gift Exchange

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Our Tiny Dancer

Kate knocked her second dance recital out of the water! This girl was meant to perform! She loves dancing on stage and was SO ready for her recital to finally be here. Kate danced in 4 numbers- she did a two tap dances, a jazz dance, and a ballet one.  We take dance through the rec center's a very different from were we took in's a lot more casual and was kind of a crazy night but Kate didn't mind one bit and loved her moment in the spotlight.  Here are a few pictures I got from tonight!

She was totally ecstatic over the flowers I brought for her! She asked if she could put them in her room and the second we got home we were pulling out the vase to stick them in. 
We missed Daddy! Unfortunately Tim had to cover in the ER and wasn't able to attend...poor guy. Maybe next time. 

Mesa Temple Lights

As part of our Christmas checklist we made it over to the Mesa Temple this week to see the lights! We had a great time and they do a fantastic job decorating! It's no Salt Lake Temple Square but it's pretty impressive. It was actually pretty fun to see when I typed in wear to see lights in Phoenix...the Mesa Temple always makes the top 10 places to visit on the lists/websites. It was certainly a little different without the snow and freezing cold temperatures but I'll take it. I'm a little ashamed to admit that we are already becoming Arizona wimps...the 50 degree temperatures felt pretty chilly. I mean heck look my girls are wearing beanies. But all we needed was a sweatshirt. It has been so funny to hear people talk about how cold it is here. Although last night it did get down to 34 degrees. The Mesa Temple is so unique. I had a wonderful evening with my little family!

Love the palm fawns with lights

And here's a few other Christmas pictures that I just thought I'd share:

I love love love Christmas cards! Our door is coming along nicely! A big thank you for sending us yours! It has been so fun to see Kate get so excited about walking to the mailbox to check for new cards.
The girls letters to Santa
A Kate original...Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus in the stable

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Meeting Mr. Claus

Last Saturday was our ward Christmas party! And we got to meet Santa Claus again! Our first encounter this year at City Creek in SLC was totally enchanting. I think that first meeting is always the most magical. Kate's eyes lit up when she heard she could go meet Santa. She ran right up to Santa and gave him the biggest hug ever. Both girls wereso excited to see him and talk to him. Unfortunately though they wouldn't allow us to take any pictures! I was so bummed.

This time around Kate told me she had already told Santa what she wanted...fortunately for me I told her I needed to get a picture of her on his lap so she obliged. Kate is all about talking to Santa this year and happy to let him know what she wants. She very clearly let him know that she wants an "Ariel mermaid stuffed animal doll and a Glitter Glider Castle...oh and a princess art kit." Millie on the other hand is happy to talk to Santa and let him know she wants which is "Nemo" but was totally terrified when I insisted she sit on his lap. Better luck next year I guess!

Here's a few other pictures from our ward party. Kate was disappointed to not get to be the angel in the nativity (our ward had adults do it...weird) but the Primary did sing "Away in the Manger" and encouraged the kids to dress up. Millie loved playing with her best buddy Talmage and wearing an angel halo.

Kate is the only one that dressed up (see the gold angel costume)! We did however pass out halos to many of the kids 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

First Week in December- A Visit to Utah

Like I mentioned Tim got the first week in December off for vacation. We decided to go visit our families in Utah! I was a little angry at first...what a funny time to have a week off. But as it turned out it was a perfect time. SLC is decked out for Christmas yet there isn't too much going on yet. We had a great week visiting with our families, playing with cousins, relaxing...and most notable...we bought a VAN!!!

Here are some pictures for our trip:
Tim's brother Nick blessed their new baby so we go to be there for that. I snapped this before church started. These girl cousins have so much fun together!
Kate's awesome Hawaiian craft...I helped a little drawing the ukelele and some cutting but otherwise this was all her idea!
I got to see my childhood friend Ashley! Kate and her oldest Austin had so much fun playing together!
So excited about our new van...although they actually still ask where the blue car is and miss it a lot!
I'm officially a real mom! Here's our van! This having a 3rd child just got that much more real! I grew up with a van and am not a van hater at all...but boy do I feel old. Don't get me wrong though, I am SO excited! Vans are so practical and convenient. And now I fit in at preschool drop off :)
I don't know if I should be proud or embarrassed...Tim and I have never left our girls. We were able to sneak away for a night to Park City for a little getaway. It was so nice! A huge thank you to my mom for watching the girls! 
Grandpa B took these girls to Color Me Mine! Oh my goodness my girls were in heaven!
Millie picked a "Nemo" aka fish and Kate picked a crown piggy bank to paint

I adore downtown SLC at Christmas!!! Checking out the ZCMI Candy windows

Visiting City Creek...Kate and Millie got to meet Santa...but they wouldn't let us take our own pictures...I was so mad...especially since Kate actually wanted to sit on his lap. She gave him the best hugs.